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10 Ways to Control Dog Shedding

Cleaning up pet hair can be annoying, expensive and time-consuming, but there are steps you can take to minimize the amount your dog sheds. Shedding occurs so that animals can rid themselves of old, damaged or extra hair. Some breeds shed more than others as a general rule, but almost all dogs shed at least […]

5 Tips for Greeting a Strange Dog

We meet new people every day in our day to day life and there is a certain way in which we meet and greet them. We present ourselves in such a way that we don’t post any threat or an intention of wrongdoing to them so that the other person feels comfortable with us and […]

How to Have an Amazing Vacation with Your Dog

The only time in a year when you get to relax and enjoy is the holiday season. We all need to disconnect from the materialistic worries and spend quality time with our loved ones, cherishing their presence. Well, how can pet parents have fun without their fur-babies by their side, right! We dog parents can […]

7 Smart Tips for Taking a Dog Up a Mountain

One of the great things about having a dog is that she can open up a world of exciting adventures for you to enjoy. If you look at dog ownership in the right way then you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle while spending quality time with your pet. For a lot of people this simply […]