Top Places to Visit in California with Your Dog

Have you planned your summer yet? The weather gets warmer, there is more sun to enjoy, and this gives everyone a sense of adventure and new experiences. But how about taking your best furry friend on a road trip to California? There are so many great places to see and enjoy with your dog, and they all accept pets as equals. This can be a unique experience for both you and your friend.

Interested to know more? Here are some pet-friendly stops you should make.

San Pasqual Winery

Your California trip should start with San Diego and the San Pasqual Winery. This is a great place for people and pets alike – and don’t worry, just because there are glass bottles everywhere, it doesn’t mean your pet will be restricted. In fact, they welcome pets. You can sip on wine and taste different things while your dog can enjoy your company, have adventures or rest from all of the adventures you have already had. This is not only a pet-friendly place but also one of the hottest new trends. Make sure to book a pet-friendly hotel if you plan on staying a bit longer or taking a nap after all that wine. Pick one nearby and avoid driving for the rest of the day. You’ll get a chance to enjoy the best of San Diego.

Huntington Dog Beach

A bit south of Los Angeles, you’ll find a dog beach on Huntington beach which will definitely be one of the favorite parts of the trip for your dog. The beautiful sandy beach and ocean waves will provide plenty of fun and entertainment. It’s also quite wide and long, so your dog will have enough space to run and hang out with other dogs on the beach. It’s clean for your pet’s safety, and there is also a grassy area where you can have a picnic with your friend or just enjoy some lunch. It also hosts a Corgi Beach Day which is a huge Corgi meet-up, and it’s hosted three times a year. There will be many Corgis enjoying each other’s company, food trucks with good food for both the pets and the owners, many competitions for best costumes and other things, complimentary services like pawdicures and pet-friendly tattoos and many more things that will draw visitors from all over the world to enjoy these unique days. If you have a Corgi, this will be an exquisite experience for both of you.

Runyon Canyon Park

If you want to see some awesome sights with your friend in LA, Runyon Canyon Park is one of the best places to do that, and it should definitely be one of your California pit stops. This is a park that’s very near the Hollywood Hills, and there is a huge park for off-leash dog fun and enjoyment. Whether you enjoy a good hike or stroke or just want to jog with your pet, this is one of the best places to do that because you’ll get to meet many other pet owners and their friends. You might even meet a celebrity walking their dog or working out. It’s a great spot for taking pictures, and you’ll get to see the amazing Hollywood sign, have a great sight of the entire city, and if the day is clear enough, you will also see the ocean. The best time to go is in the mornings or later in the afternoon because it can get too hot during the summer. You should always bring some water for your pet and some sunscreen for you to ensure that you both enjoy without any harm.

Coastal Cone Parlor

No summer is complete without the magic of the Ice creams. You can enjoy this unique ice cream parlor in Ventura which is near the pier and invites pets inside to rest and enjoy while you eat your ice cream. There are over forty ice cream flavors, sundaes, milkshakes, malts and much more.

“A unique element is that they also offer fresh waffle cones with ice creams which will make you enjoy your ice cream even more – plus, it will look great on Instagram. This parlor is along the boardwalk so it will be great for you after a day at the beach,” says Freddie Davidson, travel blogger at Ukwritings and Paperfellows.

The Douglas Family Preserve

In the north of California, you will appreciate the tranquility of the sea breeze and wonderful, relaxing vibes of Santa Barbara. One of the places to see there is the Douglas Family Preserve which is a paradise for any adventurous pair like you and your dog. There is an off-leash dog park, hiking trails, it’s close to the beach so you will have no problem reaching the beach and enjoying your day even more. Pups are allowed to roam free, and you’ll get to see great views and the ocean. This is a win both for you and your pup. You can then enjoy a nice dinner at the Brewhouse which offers menus both for dogs and for humans. There are steak bites, frozen marrows, chicken strips and so on which your dog will love. Don’t miss this lovely destination.

Pfeiffer Beach

A road trip in California is never complete without spending the majority of your time on beaches. This is especially good if the beaches are dog-friendly so that your best friend can enjoy them too. Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur is one of those beaches. It’s a unique space with a romantic setting you will probably recall from movies and photos. You will be able to see tide pools and the famous Keyhole Rock which is popular for the amazing scenery it creates when it catches the last rays of sunshine. This is one of the best places to see sunsets, and it has a calm environment that encourages the dogs to explore the world and see wonderful places. This beach will be especially great for you if you bring a partner as well. You can enjoy a quiet lunch, read, play with your dog and so on. It will need to be on a leash, but they can walk along the shore and unwind from the long drive.

Carmel Beach

This is one of the most pet-friendly places in the US, and Carmel is one of the most dog-friendly towns as well. This is why this place is a must on your road trip with your furry friend. Carmel beach will stun you with its beauty but also the sight of a wide variety of dogs running around and owners having fun with their pets and playing with them. There are always dogs around, and your dog will enjoy this setting as well. This town will take your dog’s needs into consideration and set up water bowls and poop bags in case they need it, and you forgot about it. It also as a great walking path where you can see some of the best sights in Carmel and enjoy the view of white, sandy beaches, cypress trees, and the town. Bring your dog to this friendly dog meet-up space.

Dolores Park

San Francisco is one of the great places in California. However, just because you are in a city, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your pet alone. It’s a pet-friendly city where you’ll find that many shops and places allow dogs and sometimes even welcome them with dog menus and various dog treats. One of the best places for you and your dog will be the Dolores Park which will allow you to meet and have fun with many other dogs and dog owners. You’ll also have many activities and be able to play different sports. Pets are welcome, and they don’t have to be on a leash. They need to be on a leash, though, when it comes to the sports fields like tennis courts or playgrounds. You will be able to meet the locals and residents of many other cities there. There is a Dolores Park Cafe there as well where you can enjoy their patio with your dog and have some food. You can also have a picnic.

Healthy Spot

“Make sure that you visit the Healthy Spot as well. There are many stores sprinkled along the California and Bay Area where you can stop and give your pup some love. There is food, treats, toys, accessories and so on. The team there will help your pup get the best care it needs, and it will help you find all of the travel-friendly items you might need,” says Rhea Torres, dog owner at Boomessays and Essayroo.

Crissy Field

Crissy Field is one of the best stops for you and your pet in San Francisco, and you shouldn’t miss it. It’s a conservancy park that features great views of the Golden State Bridge and many other places. This is a perfect spot to take some pictures, have a picnic, overlook the city, windsurf, play fetch and so on. In some spots, your dog will be able to run free, but in some, they will need a leash. Some of the off-leash spots are near the beaches and on large grassy fields where you can both have fun and enjoy.

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