5 ways to Honor your Pet’s Memory when they Pass

They say losing a pet is heart-breaking for a person. It’s like losing a beloved member of your family who has been with you for many years. A lot of people struggle with the grief from losing their furry friend. They feel embarrassed to grieve over an animal and can often bottle up the feelings. They don’t want to look like they are just crying over an animal, so they try to hide how they feel from friends and family and try to return to work and act like everything is normal.

But then it can make the grieving period even harder as you try to move on from the sad situation. After all, you are just keeping it all inside and to yourself. Rather than trying to ignore your grief, it’s a good idea to try to do something to honor your beloved pet. That way, it can help you express your feelings and reach acceptance that the pet has gone. This will help the whole grieving process if you are honest and do something to remember your beloved pet. Here are five ways to honor your pet’s memory when they pass.

Get a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

When a pet passes away, it can leave a hole in your life. You miss their companionship and having them around. In fact, not seeing them every day is extremely different. Burying a pet can feel very final. You might not find much comfort from standing at their final resting place in your garden. After all, you will struggle to feel close to them when they are in the ground. Therefore, to ensure you can feel closer to them and remember them always, you could consider a piece of memorial jewelry.

When you go for one of these pieces from companies like Ashes Memorial Jewellery, you can choose to make an item of jewelry which you can wear on a daily basis. Using the ashes of your deceased pet, the necklace or bracelet is made that will help you to honor your pet. You will feel close to them, and every time you put the jewelry on or see it in your drawer, you will remember the pet and how they were a special member of your family for so many years.

It can help you to have a keepsake you can keep forever of your beloved pet. It’s often a nice gesture for kids who are also finding the death very difficult. Having a bracelet or necklace can help them to feel close to the pet when they go to school or out for the day. Which will bring them comfort knowing they are close by.

Conduct a Small Funeral

When it’s a pet, they miss out on this service. They often get buried or cremated and then placed in your garden. Therefore, it can prove difficult for you to move on from their death. It’s especially difficult if the death was quite sudden and unexpected such as a heart attack. You feel like you can’t accept and move on from the death, and you feel like you should do something else to honor your beloved pooch or cat.

Therefore, you could conduct a small funeral with your family to remember your furry friend. You can share precious memories about your pet and the times you shared together. Talking about your pet and how wonderful they were during their life will help to bring you some peace and will also honor your furry friend. Each family member can have their say, so they all get to talk about what they loved about the pet. You can bury the pet after sharing your thoughts and feelings. Place the pet in a warm blanket and put their favorite toys in the final resting place. It will bring you all some closure to remember the good times with your furry friend. Which will help the whole family to have some peace.

Donate to an Animal Charity

When your furry friend passes away, you wish you could do something to help other animals. While you will not feel ready to let another cat or dog into your home, you could do something to help them in your pet’s memory. You could donate money to a shelter or a non-profit organization which helps animals.

By doing this in your pet’s memory, it will help to honor your furry friend while helping animals who really need the help. You could give money or even some of your belongings in memory of your pet. Then they will sell these on to raise money for the charity. This money will then be used to help homeless animals who need care and support. An animal charity will definitely be grateful of any support you can give them. As you can see on this blog from Healthy Pets, you could even fundraise for a particular animal charity.

Whether you do a sponsored run or even an activity, it will help to raise money for the chosen charity. Which will also give you something else to concentrate on while you are training for the big event. Fundraising for your beloved pet is also a fantastic way to remember them after they have departed. You can also give the charity items that belonged to your pet. After all, it means they will come to some use even after your beloved animal has died. Furthermore, you could even give the money you spent on pet insurance to a pet charity for a few months in honor of your companion.

Make a Memory Box

One thing that pet owners worry about is that they will start to forget their furry friend. After all, time can move on, and it will feel like it has been ages since they have been in your life. One way you can honor and ensure you always remember your pet is by making a memory box.

You can put pictures and significant items in the box that will honor your pet. You might have collars that your pet used to wear that can go in the box. Or old toys that they used to love to play with. Putting these all in one area will help you to have a great memory of your beloved pet. You can then look back through the box when you are remembering your pet. It will make you smile and will help you to remember all the good times. It’s also a good place to store photos and mementos so that they are all in one place.

Making the scrapbook will also help to distract you when you are grieving, and it’s something you can do with the kids when they are struggling after losing their furry friend. They can choose their favorite photos from the pet’s life, and it’s a great way to remember all the good times. Look back at it every anniversary to remember how important the pet was during their life.

Get a Piece of Art Created of your Pet

A lot of people turn to art when their beloved pet dies. After all, it’s a great way to have a beautiful keepsake of your pet that can help you to honor your beloved companion. Therefore, as a tribute to your pet, you should look into creating something in their memory. It might be the case you go for a canvas you can hang on your wall. Get a local artist to paint the picture and then have it in a prime position in your home. You can pass them old photos of your pet which you love which they can use to draw or paint the picture.

This way it’s something you can then look back at for years to come of your lost pet. You can pass it down to your kids to ensure the pet is always remembered. Or you could get a piece of pottery with your pet’s picture or name on that will help you to remember your pet. You can often make this yourself if you go to a pottery shop. This is also something your kids can help to create. It will help them to accept the death and will become a lovely keepsake for them which will help to honor their lost pet.

If you are feeling creative, you could always draw your own picture of your pet. It will help you to remember them and will give you something to concentrate on after the death which you can take pride in when you have completed the final picture yourself.

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Ryan Jones works in the Outreach Team for Ashes Memorial Jewellery, who offer a range of memorial jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

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