5 Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

Dogs are adorable, but when they’re sporting that “doggy smell” they can be a real turn-off. Help your pooch ditch the D’O by trying one (or all) of these 5 ways to make your dog smell better – we even have a bonus tip! 

1. Give ‘Em a Bath

We wouldn’t smell very pleasant if we rarely had a bath, the same is for our dogs. Some pet parents may believe that dogs will “clean themselves,” but they still need a good once-over at least once-a-month (depending on the breed). To do this, buy a dog shampoo specially formulated for the canine species. Human shampoo is not designed for the dog’s PH levels and may even cause your pup’s hair to dry out. Plus, pet retailers usually carry some great scented products (in both shampoos and spritzers).

2. Pet Wipes

These moist towelettes are great for those times when you need a quick-fix for a stinky dog. This includes when you’re out and Fido decides to roll in something funky or to even wipe off muddy paws before your dog gets into a vehicle or the rest of the house. Pet wipes are made especially for dogs and, like doggy shampoo, come in a variety of fragrances.

3. Regular Brushing

Dog fur that is left unkempt can develop many conditions like severe mats, tangles and even smells. Be sure to regularly brush your dog’s coat to clean off any debris and dirt that may be trapped in it. This is also a good time to check for lumps, bumps, bites, nicks/cuts and fleas and ticks. Plus, your dog will love the one-on-one time with you and the great massaging effects a good brushing provides.

In addition to the brushing, you may also want to sprinkle baking soda into your dog’s fur. This all-natural ingredient is great for neutralizing dog odor and is super easy-to-do.

  • First – brush your dog to eliminate the visible dirt and debris
  • Second – work the baking soda through the coat making sure to avoid the eyes.
  • Third – leave it on for a few minutes
  • Lastly – Thoroughly brush it out.

This method works great for those in-between-bath times.  

5. Clean the Ears, Eyes and Teeth

If your dog smells, it could be coming from his ears, eyes and/or teeth. Cleaning these parts of your dog’s face is crucial to maintaining good health.

For your dog’s ears there are products available that can make cleaning the goop out easier, or you can use a cotton ball with plain warm water on it. If your dog is scratching at his ears in excess, or has black dirt inside of the ear canal, it could be ear mites. Visit your veterinarian to get rid of these parasites.

Your dog’s eyes should be gently wiped around as needed with a wet facecloth, pet facial wipe or wet cotton ball.

If your pooch has nasty doggy breath, it could be due to tartar and plaque buildup on his teeth. Daily brushing of your dog’s teeth with a toothpaste made for pooches (don’t use human as it could be toxic) will help conquer the odor emitting from his mouth and will also keep his teeth strong and healthy.

6. Clean His Bedding

There’s no sense in grooming your dog with everything pleasant, only for him to go and sleep in dirty bedding. Washing your dog’s blankets, kennel, and even those soft toys can help keep him smelling fresh. If you have a dog bed that cannot be cleaned through a washing machine, try using a fabric odor eliminator or a dry shampoo made for furniture.

Bonus Tip – They Are What They Eat

The old saying, “we are what we eat,” also applies to our canine companions. By providing your pooch with a good quality dog food you will be giving his body the nutrients he needs to be healthy and happy.

Look for foods that provide an identified meat source (like chicken, beef etc) and stay away from those that use by-products and cheap fillers like corn, soy and wheat.

Feeding your dog a balanced nutritional diet will lessen his chances of getting gas and give him an overall better coat, skin and quality of life.

Your dog doesn’t have to be smelly, follow these handy tips to help your pup stay snuggly fresh. If you encounter a bigger problem related to your dog’s odor, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

About the Author: Sandie lee is a regular contributor to the ThePetGod.com. She enjoys writing informational articles to help pet parents everywhere. She hails from a small town in Ontario Canada, with her three rescue cats, two goldfish and a hubby of 20 years.

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      Vanilla is a great smell for dogs isn’t it? Covers up that doggy smell perfectly :). What is your lab’s name?

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      That’s great to hear! Food is just as important for our pups as it is for us so I’m sure your dog is very grateful for the diet change :).

  1. Jeef Mike
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    first time i read it for anything related on dog smell . i have two pitbull and one German shepherd. every pets okay but one of my pitbull Smell spread very bad. Hope your tips will work definitely

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    Wow. Great article.:) The information in this article has truly been helpful for me. To make our dogs smell better, hygiene plays an important role. We need to maintain some basic things such as bathing the dog, brushing regularly, cleaning the eyes, ears & teeth. Washing and keeping the dog’s bedding clean is also very important.Your blog has been helpful in giving tips about keeping a dog clean and hygienic. Feeding dog a balanced nutritional diet will lessen his chances of getting gas and will give him an overall better coat, skin and quality of life. One more thing, I like your bonus tip. Thanks for your valuable post.cheers!:)

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