What You Should Consider Before Adopting A Dog

Adopting a dog isn’t a choice you should make overnight. It is something you seriously need to consider and something you need to be prepared for. There is a huge difference between owning a puppy and a pre-owned dog. Saying that a dog could change your life. They will be your best friend, your exercise partner and even your bodyguard. Here are some things you need to know before you consider adopting a dog.

Expensive Healthcare

You need to be aware of the costs involving a dog. Although adopting a pet is free, there are many underlying costs involved. Without the expense of food, training classes, groomers and the rest you need to think about health care bills. If you are adopting an older dog then bills could get expensive, quickly. Even if you are taking in a young pup then you need to consider vaccines and general vet care. Vets bills are expensive and if you are barely affording to get by then taking on a large responsibility like this can make things harder. Seriously consider your finances before going ahead and adopting.

Time Commitment

Owning a dog is similar to having children. You can’t leave them on their own and certainly not for long periods of time. They need to be washed and fed regularly. They need exercise and will want to spend time with you. If you are adopting a pup then you need to take the time to train them. Even if you are adopting an older dog then you need to spend a lot of time with them to understand the commands they know. You need to be prepared for sleepless nights when they whine, when they are sick and walks in the rain, sun and wind. Your free time will be limited when you own a dog.

Previous Trauma

Sometimes adopting a dog, especially an older one can be hard on both you and the dog. Take into careful consideration where the dog was before you adopt him. Most of the time dogs are put into care and up for adoption because of bad care and trauma which they experienced from previous owners. Dogs like this need special attention and may be afraid of strangers, strange homes and may have some mental problems that you need to work through together.

Getting Used To You and Your Family

You also need to think how read you and your family are for a dog. If you have toddlers, newborns or young children then consider the space and time you have. If your time is taken up with a toddler and a baby then a dog may be the last thing you need. If you and your partner are out at work all day then leaving your dog at home alone all day isn’t a good idea – at least not to begin with. Ask how your family feels and if they can get used to a new member of the family.

Preparing Your Home

Next, you need to consider how safe your home is for your dog. Do you have access to an outside area? Do you have the room to install a dog crate big enough? Do you need to invest in stair gates for safety? Is there a lot of preparation you need to do in order to dog proof the house? If you are renting, will your landlord allow pets? Ask yourself all these questions before you go ahead and adopt a dog. You need to have one of the best dog beds or your new dog. There are so many other equipment and things that can make your job easier as a dog owner.

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Adopting a dog will be the best thing you ever do but before you do, take the time to consider important and essential things that can affect both your life and the dog’s life.

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