9 Surprising Ways to Express Your Pooch Love

As a devoted pet parent, you may be showing how much you value your mutt’s presence in your life in all possible ways. Most pet parents prepare delectable treats, surprise their pet with gifts, and also plan play dates to thrill their furred partners. Though your pooch is delighted to receive these surprises, they live for your love and approval. They love to be doted on. Therefore, it is important to convey your affection in a language your four-legged mate understands.

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Don’t worry! You don’t have to master dog language to prove your love and commitment towards your canine pal. Simple gestures like teaching them a new trick or caring for them in sickness can make your furry companion feel special. Use the tips shared in this post to express your everlasting affection towards your pet in a language they can relate to.

Dedicate Yourself to Knowing Your Canine

Though dogs of similar breeds have a few common traits, each one is unique, flaunting distinctive personality traits as they grow. It is important to respect them and treat your pal accordingly. This can only be achieved if you are aware of your best friend’s behavior, nature, likes, and dislikes.

Knowing your furry pal better will help you bond with them and indulge in activities that communicate your mutt love. Study the activities your four-legged friend enjoys, the situations that make them tense or happy, and their reactions to such situations.

smiling dogFor instance, if dogs have their ears down, tail between the legs, or one paw raised, it could mean that they are stressed about something. Also, not all dogs that wag their tails are excited or happy. If their tail is stiff or high up and wagging fast, it’s a sign that they are feeling threatened and may bite when approached.

Apart from using their body parts, dogs express many emotions through vocalization. Most canines growl when threatened, whimper to seek attention, and yelp when in pain. Knowing your pooch’s behavior and body language can help you approach them in the most suitable manner and manage their anxiety, fostering a trustworthy and loving bond.

Communicate through Non-Verbal Expressions

Dogs are highly expressive beings. At times, even the friendliest dog may not want to see visitors or be hugged by anyone. Most pets like to be showered with affection, yet they need their personal space. Thus, if your pup is busy gnawing on their favorite toy or sniffing around the lawn, let them enjoy that alone time.

Similarly, approaching a dog while you are standing is perceived as a threat in the canine world. If you want to pet your pooch, get down to their level and draw near them from the side (not head on), thereby increasing the trust and love in your relationship.

smiling white dogA recent study revealed that dogs have cognitive empathy and the ability to express their emotions through facial expressions. For instance, did you know that dogs raise their left eyebrows to greet their pet parents and demonstrate an emotional bond? In fact, canines use their eyes, mouth, tail, paws, and vocalization to express their emotions.

Further, since they have proven social-emotional intelligence, dogs are experts at recognizing their pet parents’ mood and body language, allowing them to discern emotional circumstances. For instance, most canines respond well when their pet parent gazes at them lovingly.

So, use your non-verbal communication skills to express your undying mutt affection. The more facial expressions you use (like raising your left eyebrow) to communicate with your mutt the more loved they feel. Whisper sweet nothings into their ears, maintain loving eye contact, and stroke them gently to express your pooch love and strengthen your rapport.

Do Not Mollycoddle

Expressing your affection towards your furry partner may seem like a never-ending process; yet, you should know where to draw the line. Though you may be tempted to pamper your mutt, this habit can be addictive and lead to issues like separation anxiety and possessive behavior. Thus, it’s not okay to fuss over your pooch.

dog in bed with tongue hanging out

For instance, excessive hugging and petting may make your dog heavily rely on you for affection, making him/her feel low when you are away. In a few cases, your pooch may display possessive behavior by getting upset when you pet any other animal.

Avoid overprotecting and pampering your furry mate, so they learn the rules of coexistence, making them feel loved and respected.

Respect Them for What They Are

Just like human beings, your canine pal has certain likes and dislikes. A few dogs enjoy being hugged and cuddled while others may not enjoy this gesture. Some of them are sociable with visitors, but others may feel threatened and show signs of social anxiety.

happy dog in the grassIgnoring these signs may force your mutt to feel that you do not respect their emotions or aren’t committed to making them feel at home. Therefore, it’s worth considering your pooch’s nature and preferences before exposing them to any uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation.

For instance, you may be thrilled with the idea of dressing up your mutt for an upcoming pet fancy dress event. However, if your furry pal doesn’t like being dressed up in costume, it’s best to respect that. Your four-legged friend will surely appreciate this gesture and trust you for life.

Let Them Get into Your Bed

Dogs are pack animals habituated to sleeping with a warm pile of littermates. Hence, letting your furry pal sleep with you as against their lonely crate can make them feel loved and secure, expressing your undying fondness for them.

Further, animals are vulnerable when asleep. Hence, they like to lie next to people who they love and trust the most. When you let your pet pooch sleep with you, it shows that you are a part of their trusted circle. Invite your mutt to share your bed to spend quality time with them and fortify your bond.

 smiling dog on bed

Teach Them a New Trick

Canines are intelligent beings with lots of energy. They also have the innate aspiration to learn new tricks that stimulate their physical, mental, and social abilities.

Teaching a new trick like ‘take a bow,’ ‘sniff out a hidden treat,’ or ‘sit pretty’ will not only help channel your pup’s energy, but also offer them positive reinforcement. Your pooch will feel motivated to use their senses and love you for the rewards you bestow upon them.

Organize a Pet Pawty

dog with party hat onDoes your pooch have a furry friend circle? Call them over and treat your canine pals to a day of fun and excitement. Whether it’s their birth or adoption day or a random weekend, organizing a pet party at your pooch’s favorite park or in your backyard can make them feel loved and cared for.

Make sure you call familiar canine visitors to avoid cases of territorial aggression. Further, your furry guests should have free access to water and food. Amp up the fun quotient by choosing a venue around a water body. A pool or a pond, will encourage your canine visitors to swim. Alternatively, you can organize fun dog games. Musical sit, agility contests, and treasure hunts make it fun for everyone.

Be around ‘in Sickness and in Health’

Being a pet parent is a rewarding experience. Hence, regardless of how trying your pet may be at times, you always strive to make sure they are cared for. Standing by your furred companion through good and bad times will help them realize how much you care.

When they are under the weather, nursing your sick mutt can express your unconditional love for them, enabling them to recover fast. Show your care by keeping your sick canine hydrated and spending some quiet time with them. Make sure you adhere to the medications and diet prescribed by your vet.

Love & Care

If your dog has an upset stomach, ask your vet to recommend a diet that can ease their discomfort. Similarly, if you see signs of pain in your dog, talk to your veterinarian about remedies like CBD oil for dogs that are proven to relieve pain in dogs.

Without a doubt, your furry friend adores you. They never fail to express their affection for you. This unconditional love is evident when they wag their tail or bark in excitement. As you return from work, or as they sit by you quietly as you read a book. Doesn’t it feel awesome to have a caring buddy like that in your life?

woman petting her dog outside

Now it’s your turn to show your pooch love. Though you may be using various methods to express your affection and devotion towards your furry mate, saying it in a language they can understand can further strengthen your unique bond.

Take some time to learn and exercise the effective ways mentioned above to show your four-legged mate how much you love them.

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