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Here Are The Top Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

It is common for dogs that have food allergies. Even people have food allergies as well, based on their genes. Some people are allergic to chicken, seafood, and so on. Same thing goes for pets, in which there are foods and drinks that dog owners need to avoid. It is not that simple for you to assume that it is normal for dogs to have these foods allergies. Take note that the dogs have their limits, especially in their body.

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There are specific ingredients that dogs may have a serious problem if consumed. One of those problems that the dogs have in common is allergies. It means that there are some foods with specific ingredients that dogs are not allowed to eat.

These are the foods that your dog needs to avoid once and for all:

  • Beef
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Lamb
  • Wheat gluten
  • Yeast
  • Chicken
  • Fish

The ones above are considered to be the standard canine food allergens. Sad to say, these ingredients are found in modern dog foods worldwide. It might cause adverse reactions to your dog once you are going to provide too much to them. In a surprise, it might not go to cause actual allergies to dogs. The standard of dog foods is not exactly equal to the human ones, which is why the pets are not affected by something that could cause allergies to them.

There are dog owners out there who are on a limited budget when it comes to providing healthy foods for them. It’s one of the goals of dog owners to keep their pets healthy and safe. However, there are times that they are not careful when it comes to providing foods for their dogs. Milk is one of those examples that you should not provide for your dog. Because of lactose intolerance, milk is hard for your dogs to digest that could cause long-term problems later on.

The same thing goes for foods which contain allergies to dogs. You should quickly identify the ones that are not allowed to be taken by dogs. There are some hypoallergenic foods you can quickly find in your nearest pet store. However, you should know which one of them can give the best for your dog’s health


Without further ado, here are the three hypoallergenic foods that the dogs can eat:


1. Foods with limited ingredients

These kinds of foods are totally safe for dogs. Foods with a limited amount of ingredients may be safe from all sorts of allergies. Each breed has a different feeling when it comes to taking spoiled food or leftovers after their respective dog owners finished eating their own. Once you are going to provide foods with ingredients that are limited, you do not need to worry about your pets in getting allergies.

2. Foods with novel ingredients

Aside from foods with limited ingredients that are considered safe for dogs, there are foods with unusual ingredients as well. They usually come from animals that dogs are not yet exposed such as kangaroo, buffalo, millet or pheasant. In other words, there will be less sensitivity when it comes for dog owners to feed their pets with novel ingredient foods.

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3. Foods that comes with prescription or from a veterinary

Lastly, this is the safest way for you to provide dogs with foods that are allergy-free. It applies when your dog has allergic symptoms. It is not okay for you to provide natural treatments without seeking professional advice from a pet doctor or veterinary. They are the ones who can give you hypoallergenic foods that are proven to prevent your dogs from suffering allergies once and for all.


You need to take immediate action once your dog has allergic symptoms. The best hypoallergenic foods for canines are something you should consider once it occurs. Once there is no proper treatment, it may get worse than you expect. It is time for you to take action in trying these hypoallergenic foods that your dog needs.

About the Author: Jeff Caceres is a guy who loves to play with dogs for fun during spare time. He and his family own 7 dogs, including a senior fluffy mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese. Love Your Woof dog lovers are going to enjoy learning about the latest pet tips, advice, training and a lot more by visiting the website.

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