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8 Tips To keeping Your House Spotless When You Have Cats

Many people think that maintaining a clean house with multiple cats is impossible. The reason is that a lot of pet owners really don’t pay much attention to the condition of their houses or it’s just easier for them to say they just can’t handle it. In this case, the answer is “Then stop taking cats and find home for some of yours, where they will live happily in a clean environment.”

keep house clean with cats

But let’s focus on how to keep a spotless home when you have cats.

1. Remove all carpets.

Carpets are hard to clean and keep odors. Fur gets deeply into them and it is almost impossible to be properly cleaned. It is a nightmare for pet owners. That’s why we advise you to remove it and replace it with hard flooring. It is easier to maintain.

2. At least one litter box for every two cats.

If you have less, they will be always dirty and cats will not want to go there. You should be sure they will find the most inappropriate place at your home. Make sure you have enough litter boxes and clean it every day, even better – every morning and every evening. Two cats can do a lot of work. Clean the cat boxes before bad odors arise. Wash it every week and make a full change of litter if whole week you have changed it just partially.

essential cat items

3. Provide a room or not very visible place for guests for your cats.

There you can store cat food, water, litter boxes, beds, toys and scratching post. When everything is at one place, it is easier to clean the mess. Keep the litter boxes in a corner away from the door to avoid litter spread.

4. Clean messes immediately.

Don’t wait for the smell to sink in the surface. Hopefully, you see it on time before it gets spread and stained.

keeping houses clean

5. Dust and vacuum regularly.

Some people advise at least once a week but it is far too seldom. If you have more than one cat, Carpet Cleaner NW London says you should vacuum and dust at every two days in order to maintain a spotless home. Cats walk everywhere and even though they clean themselves often, it is still not often enough. They are curious and touch everything. And sometime one simple touch means a full mess.

6. Buy only washable fabrics.

It is of great help to be able to throw everything in the washing machine without putting any effort at scrubbing and rubbing. We all know cats leave nasty surprises and sometimes play with disgusting things. It is important to have the chance to wash everything immediately without the need to look for special detergents and methods. It saves time and nerves. It is also a good idea your cats toys to be washable.

keeping house clean with cat

7. Don’t allow your cats to jump everywhere.

At the whole beginning you should show them where they are allowed to go and where not. It is very hard to train a cat but still there are some methods you can find on-line. Better struggle with this for a few months than 16 years after that. It is a smart decision to start with the alpha cat. The others will do what he/she is doing. If you manage to teach him/her, the others are easier.

8. Settle places where cats are not allowed.

It is not necessary your furry friends to walk all over your house. Lessen your cleaning chores when you simply establish certain places where they will stay and keep the rest of your home clean. For example you can forbid them going in your kitchen and bedroom.

Hope I was of some help. If you can think of other advices, share them in comments below.

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