Top 10 Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Dog owners usually find it heart-breaking to walk out the door and bid goodbye to their dogs when going on a trip.

Nothing would beat having your dog with you on vacation, provided the destinations have dog-friendly accommodations and activities to pamper you both with.

Itching for a vacation but don’t want to leave Max behind? Here, Kristina Etter from 2k Reviews suggests top 10 dog-friendly vacation destinations around the world that you can pay a visit to:

1. Canada

Calgary and Vancouver are the two top vacation destinations that are dog-friendly in Canada. Calgary provides more off-leash dog parks of over 150, thereby serving as dog heaven. Vancouver has about 30 dog parks where dogs can run freely as long as they’re well behaved. It also affords its visitors a chance to take their dogs outdoors with them.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can take a ride to the summit of Sulphur Mountain on the Banff Gondola and have a nice view of the six Canadian Rockies mountains with your furry friend.
  • The Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall in Calgary is the city’s only licensed dog patio where your dog can have a bowl of water while you enjoy a hamburger.
  • The annual “Pet-a-Palooza” July event in Calgary gives access to dogs and owners to visit the Eau Claire Market to spoil their dogs with “pawdicures” and the opportunity to meet up with vets.
  • The dog version of Disneyland in Vancouver is sure to keep your dog busy.

2. Croatia

Just as being very beautiful with a lot of refreshing temperatures during the summertime, Croatia is one of the most dog-friendly vacation destinations you can find. The long, beautiful beach in Crikvenica, located along the coast of Croatia, is ideal for humans and dogs alike. The beach is also open to all dog breeds and gives dog owners a sense of security of allowing their dogs roam free in a secure environment. It’s also known as Croatia’s first dog beach ever.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can relax in the sand or go swimming in the ocean with your fluffy buddy.
  • Your dog can also enjoy some “dog beers” from the bar.

3. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is widely known for its immaculate coastline and countryside; ideal for exploring with your dog. There is no need to worry about keeping your dog cool as the weather is quite favorable and doesn’t get too hot. There are many dog-friendly beaches and pubs in Ireland. Whether you believe it or you don’t, Dublin, Ireland’s capital is actually an awesome dog-friendly vacation destination.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • Pay a visit to Pupp, Dublin’s first dog-focused café ever, which also serves human meals, located on Clanbrassil Street with your dog.
  • Allow your dog to roam free in one of Dublin’s precious places, The Royal Oak Bar in Kilmainham, while you’re there.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is not only rich in culture, but it also has amazing dog-friendly amenities for you and your dog to explore and also enjoy. There are a fair number of few taverns and bars that would be excited to cater to your dog

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can take your dog on a special outing to places like the Caley Sample Room on Angle Park Terrace, where they’ve special dog menus.
  • Go on hikes with your furry companion and explore the beautiful Scottish highlands.
  • Have fun with your dog on the dog-friendly sandy beaches on the coast.

5. France

France is widely known for its relaxed dog policies making it amongst the friendliest vacation destinations for dogs. There are so many things to see in the city of love with your furry buddy.

However, there are some places to stay away from as dogs aren’t welcomed there, like the manicured parks.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can go wine tasting with your furry buddy.
  • Explore the vineyards and beautiful landscapes with your dog.
  • Upscale Michelin star restaurants can allow your dog tag along into the restaurants, so you can also treat your companion to some nice meals.
  • You can also go shopping with your buddy by visiting the small malls directly on the streets.
  • Pay a visit to the Luxembourg gardens in Paris with your dog.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a lot of interesting and fascinating experiences for you as a vacation destination and bringing your furry friend along wouldn’t prevent you from indulging in all the country has to offer you. Even with Japan, not having a lot of space, you can find parks designated to care for your dog.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

The Machida Grandberry Mall is great, if you love shopping, for popular brands and would allow your dog to tag along too.

Visit Disneyland or DisneySea for a thrilling experience while your dog enjoys the Pet Club’s services.

7. London, United Kingdom

The UK is a busy metropolis no doubt but notwithstanding, an amazing place to visit as a vacation destination with your dog. There are a lot of great and well-known parks to have strolls with your dog in.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can have a stroll with your dog in fantastic parks like South Bank or St James’s Park.
  • Visit Mayfair and enjoy a cocktail bar Smith & Whistle & Max with your dog.
  • Go see a movie at the dog-friendly cinemas with your dog.
  • Take yoga classes with your companion.
  • Enjoy a spa treatment along with your furry buddy.

8. Rome, Italy

Italians love dogs, and it’s quite rare to find large numbers of stray dogs around, unlike other countries, like Spain or Greece. Rome is home to “Beau Beach,” one of the best beaches that your furry buddy is sure to enjoy. The Beau beach also houses an adoption center.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can explore the coastlines and countryside with your dog.
  • Visit the many dog-friendly restaurants with your furry friend.
  • Go on a boat ride with your dog on the “Beau Boat,” a charter boat that encourages dog owners to bring their dogs on board.

9. San Francisco, California

San Francisco city is one of America’s top favorite vacation destinations for families, but not many people know that it’s also an amazing dog-friendly city with over 50 restaurants that would allow your dogs to tag along.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • Dogs are welcome on the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay cruises and the city’s notable cable cars.
  • There are many dog-friendly restaurants you can bring your dog along to or if you’re a wine lover, your dog can tag along with you to Mutt Lynch Winery in Sonoma County where you’d get unique wines.

10. Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most dog-friendly vacation destinations with a surplus of lakes, mountains, and forests; enough for dogs to explore and sniff around too. Zurich is a picturesque city in Switzerland that is known for being dog-friendly as long as you have got your dog under your control and is well-behaved. The Swiss government is strict with pet ownership; although once your dog has been registered and trained, you’re soon to discover that country is actually spring for animals.

Activities to indulge in with your dog:

  • You can take your dog on your hiking trips as there are water fountains to keep your dog hydrated.
  • Take your dog out using the transport to the mountains to enjoy the view of the picturesque city.
  • You can pay a visit with your companion to Horburg Park, a public park with a dog fence.
  • Play Frisbee with your furry friend in any of the two dog-friendly beaches along the Rhine.
  • Eat at Miracle, a dog-friendly restaurant located in Zurich is well known for its homemade pizzas and pasta with your dog.

Whether you’re looking to have a little fun in the sun on the beach, go on an exciting hike through the woods or mountains or finally make your dream of traveling abroad for your vacation come true, these dog-friendly vacation destinations are perfect for you and your dog.

So, pack your luggage, and Max’s too because it’s time for that vacation!

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