How To Make a Pet-Friendly Garden

When you have a pet, it’s essential to have an outdoor area. They can roam freely and enjoy the outdoors while still in a safe zone. It will bring them some exercise and fresh air which will help them to show good behavior and to stay healthy. After all, it’s so essential for your pet to get plenty of exercise so they don’t become overweight which can cause diseases such as diabetes and even lead to cancer in pets. Therefore, daily exercise will ensure they stay fit and healthy in your yard. Being outdoors with your pet is a lot of fun too for the family. The kids can play in the garden with your furry friend, and it’s a great way to get everyone outdoors. It’s an excellent bonding experience and will ensure the whole family spends some quality time with your pet.

However, you need to make a few changes to your garden before letting your pet enjoy the outdoor area. After all, you want to ensure it’s a safe environment so that your pet can enjoy the space without coming into harm’s way. You don’t want to look back with regret if your pooch or cat gets injured due to mistakes which could have been avoided in your garden. Therefore, here is how to make a pet-friendly garden.

Ensure they have plenty of shade

We don’t often think about our pet’s needs when it comes to sunshine. While we pile on the sunscreen and take cover when necessary while in the hot weather, we also need to take steps to protect our pets too. After all, they are at risk of sunstroke and burning when in the sun. Therefore, when your pets are outdoors in warmer weather, you do need to create shade for them so that they can relax without overheating. You don’t want them to end up ill with dehydration due to the hot sun. You don’t want their paws to end up burnt due to too much time in the sunshine. You might want to set up a small shelter for your pooch or feline friend to relax in when they have been in the garden for a while in the hot sun. Making sure there is furniture such as table and chairs and benches from companies like Sloane and Sons Garden Benches will help you to create shade for your beloved pets.

After all, they can relax underneath the furniture, so they don’t end up with sun-related injuries. Also, you can sit on these benches while you keep an eye on your furry friend. It’s also wise to add some form of pet bed to your garden. As well as providing them shelter from the sun, it’s a great place for them to take a break when necessary from the busy outdoor area. They can go and take a nap and get some space while in the garden. And it will give them that all important shade while in the garden. As it says on this blog from healthy pets this blog from healthy pets, make sure you put it out of direct sunlight. That way, the bed won’t get too warm and cause your furry friend to become uncomfortable.

Opt for pet-friendly plants

You might not realise that there are a few plants that are toxic to your pets. Therefore, if they end up consuming them when out in the garden, they will get ill, and it could even lead to death. So, if you want to create the ultimate pet-friendly garden, you need to only opt for plants which are fine around your furry friends. Before you head to the garden centre, check what plants are not good for your pets. It’s important to avoid plants like daffodils, tulips, and lilies which are all harmful to your pets. That way, you can let your plants enjoy the garden without the risk of illness. Fill the garden with pet-friendly plants which will bring colour to your garden and will look beautiful without putting your pet at risk. If you are ever unsure if a plant is okay around your pet, call your vet who will be happy to advise you on whether it could potentially cause a risk to your pet.

Go for a secure fence

While it’s good to let your pet out in the garden, you need to make sure that they stay within the garden. You don’t want your beloved pooch to make the great escape and end up running into danger. They could get lost or injured if they run in front of a vehicle. Therefore, if you want a pet-friendly garden, you should make sure there are no holes and gaps in your fence. You should fix any broken panels and ensure it’s very secure so your pet won’t be able to wriggle through. If you are still worried about your pet getting out from your garden, you might want to look into something like a wireless fence containment system.

With one of these, it will stop your pet from getting outside of safe areas. It will train your pet to stay in certain areas of the garden so they won’t be tempted to make an escape. Whilst you can let them play in the garden without having to worry about them escaping. As well as stopping them getting out, you want to make sure no other animal can get in who could harm your pet. That way, you can let them out in the garden for a play without putting them in danger. Therefore, ensure the fence is secure to stop other pets getting in your garden.

Put hazardous items away

It’s easy to leave the odd tool out in your garden. You might have been raking up the leaves and forgot to put it away. Or you could have been mowing your yard and got distracted. But if your pet goes out and gets too close to a tool, they could end up getting injured. Therefore, it’s so important that you put any hazardous item away in their rightful place. Whether locked in a garage or a shed, you need to make sure that it is not left lying around in your garden.

After all, intrigued pets will think it’s a play toy. You need to make sure that sheds with hazardous items are closed at all times. After all, they might head into the area if it’s left open after use. Remember it’s not just tools you need to worry about; paint and pest control are also highly dangerous to your pet. So, make sure these are in a safe place before letting your pet outside in the garden.

Make sure the garden is pest-free

You want to make sure that your beloved pet can go out in the garden without fearing that they might come back into the house full of fleas or ticks. After all, these can cause great stress to your pet. They scratch so much that their skin can get irritated. As well as causing discomfort to your pet, it can cause problems for your household. After all, they spread like wildfire in your home and are a nightmare to get rid of. Therefore, you need to make sure there are no pests in your garden before you let your cat or dog outside to play. For starters, you should make sure to trim the grass and trees in your garden.

As discussed in this article about preventing fleas from entering your home, by trimming the grass and trees, you are removing places for fleas to hide in your garden. Also, it stops other animals coming into your garden which is the carrier of fleas. You should also look into using some form of product in your garden. For instance, a Flea & Tick Yard & Kennel Spray will kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes in your garden. Safe for plants and trees, the spray will not be harmful to your pets. But most importantly, it will ensure they won’t come back into your home with pests after playing in the garden.

Be careful when it comes to water features

Be careful with water features as they can put your pet in danger of drowning. A pond or hot tub will be appealing to your curious cat or pooch. If you are distracted, they might lean forward and accidentally fall in. They then might not be able to get out of the water. Therefore, you should put a fence around water features in your garden to keep your beloved pets safe. That way, they won’t be able to reach these features and will keep away a safe distance. If your furry friend does love water, you could look at getting them a dog pool. As discussed on this blog about dog pools, it gives your pet a chance to cool off in the summer months. It’s a lot of fun watching them splash about in the pool, and they can safely have a paddle. It will stop them from risking their life jumping into the hot tub or pond instead.

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