How To Create A Space Just For Your Dog

Getting a new pooch or thinking about freshening up your living space because you are tired of repeatedly tripping over his water dish, or endlessly searching for the leash, then we have it all listed for you. Pet stuff is not always pretty and might not suit the aesthetics of your room. Read on for ways to strategically design a cozy space for your dog so you both live in synergy and thrive together.

Items You’ll Need

A cozy, comfortable bed that will fit your pooch well
A modish crate, if you are crate training or house training your puppy or adult dog
A bowl made from nontoxic, animal-friendly material
Some affordable dog toys that he can play with
A box or bin to store all his toys

Once you have all the bare necessities covered you can now move forward to creating a separate space for your pooch.
So here are 7 Simple Steps to Creating a Room for Fido.


The Room

Depending upon the size and nature of your dog, decide a room that’s spacious enough for your pet. It needn’t be a huge one, but just enough for your dog. Some dogs prefer tiny spaces to sleep and rest, while some dogs like Saint Bernard require more space and room to stay.
If you don’t have a spare room for your dog, don’t worry, the walk- in-closet or the space under the staircase works just fine.


Dog-proofing the space

As the owner, it is your responsibility to secure the surroundings by covering any electrical cords with tape.
Make sure there are no trash cans nearby.
Keep away the shoe rack, or any clothing item that you wouldn’t want your dog to put in his mouth.

Set a thermostat to check on the temperature and manage it keeping the room comfortable. Avoid any dangerous room heaters.


Opt for Dog-Friendly Material

Choose pet-friendly fabrics. Avoid fabrics like silk and velvet and instead opt for stain, smell and bacteria resistant fabric like Crypton. If you’re not a fan of synthetic material, then you could choose leather instead. It’s durable and easy to clean.

Rugs made from materials like sisal, jute, or seagrass will let you not sacrifice on the style and still decorate the space. These natural fiber rugs are easy to clean and are very durable.

Toys that don’t shed or are made from nontoxic materials should be used.


The Bed

Once you have decided the space you want to make as a room for your pooch, it’s time to decorate and organize it.
Dogs spend 50% of their daytime sleeping, so a comfortable bed is a must. A complacent bed with a soft blanket should be the focal point of the space.
If you are using a crate make sure you add enough bedding to make it comfy.
Choose a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Make sure that it is not close to a vent, window, or anywhere in which they’ll get hit by a draft or heat. It’s essential to place their crate, or designated area, out of direct sunlight to prevent it from heating up and be uncomfortable for your pooch.


Play Area

Fido needs mental exercise as much as physical, and just because you’re not home doesn’t mean you can’t challenge their brains. These puzzle and activity toys are a great addition to your dog’s room.

KONG toys are a classic when it comes to doggo toys. Fill them with breakfast kibble or treats. A seek-a-treat puzzle toy challenges which will require your dog to use his nose and paws.
You could also look for a number of DIY ideas on YouTube and Google and create your own puzzle or toy for your baby.


Surveillance gear

If you are someone that goes to the office or require leaving the dog at home alone, then a nice surveillance camera is suggested. It will help you check on your pup at all times and give you the assurance that he’s safe. A basic webcam won’t cost too much.


Room Decor

Decorating the room for your dog is a strategic task that requires planning and creativity. Make a list of things that belong exclusively to your dog. These involve your mutt’s clothing, toys, dog collars, leashes, and costumes.

Once you have prepared the list, look for suitable furniture that can store all the stuff. It could be a miniature armoire or cabinet.

Add some photo frames on the wall with your photos with her/him together.
You add fairy lights to make the ambiance more cozy and lit.

You could also follow a theme or a color palette for the furniture and bedding.

A hanger or hook to hang the dog collar and leashes will organize things so next time you’ll not run around the house looking for the leash.

Wrap Up

With just a little planning and organizing, you can decorate or create a whole new space for your dog. Make sure to keep it simple, less cluttered and organized. A less cluttered space will be easy to clean and maintain. Clean the space as frequently as you can. If your dog isn’t potty trained, you could use pads till they get trained.
A good rule to follow is to keep a food bowl on the other side of their space, away from bedding. Because dogs are messy eaters, you could use a tray or placemat under the bowls to keep their area clean.

Remember that your pet won’t know how much you’re spending on them so they’ll be happy with whatever space you give them. It’s how much love you dedicate to that place that will make him wag his tail.

About the Author

Harsh Arora is a Content Consultant at leopard-gecko and an Animal Assisted Social Worker in the USA. Harsh is passionate about the start-up ecosystem, social work, animal welfare, latest tech innovations, and all that makes this world better for animals. When he is not writing, he loves to play animals, cook and go on drives. Prior to this, he was working for a Pet Tech company based in Norwalk as a content contributor and petcare advisor.


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