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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Groomer vs DIY

Some people say that taking care of a dog isn’t much different than taking care of a baby and that’s about right actually. Saying that having a dog isn’t difficult at all would be far from true because it requires responsibility, patience, free time and last but not least money. And since grooming represents one […]

5 Pet Food Brands that Use Enzymes

Enzymes have been administered by veterinarians for years, while they are still relatively new in pet foods. Scientists have been studying their benefits and uses for quite a while. They have given praise to these natural molecules for their positive effects in both humans and animals. Since enzymes can be found living naturally inside of […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Lupus In Dogs: Can It Be Cured?

Two types of lupus can occur in dogs. DLE, being the second most common autoimmune disease to affect the skin of dogs. Some dogs have a predisposition for developing lupus, but any dog can be affected. It’s essential for owners to be aware if their dog is predisposed, what symptoms look like and what to […]

Natural Remedies for Pain & Anxiety in Dogs

It can be hard to soothe our furry family members when they are experiencing pain or feeling anxious. When they are anxious, they may be pacing, cowering, or exhibiting obsessive behaviors like licking, whining, or jumping. When they are in pain, they may be irritable, lethargic, or needy. Because humans and dogs can’t communicate effectively […]

The Essentials of Doggy Daycare

We all need to leave our pups behind from time-to-time. It may be because we have to put in some long hours at work. Or it could be because we’re finally taking that vacation we’ve saved up for. Either way, leaving our dogs alone in the house can often lead to pent up energy and […]

Home Remedies for Dogs: What Works and What Doesn’t

If your pooch is under the weather, your first port of call must be your vet. However, some minor maladies, such as cuts and scratches, can be treated at home. You may also want to supplement your vet’s ministrations with some supportive home care. Luckily, some common household products can be used in particular situations […]

Dog Bites: Prevention & Liability

We all want what’s best for our dogs. We raise them to be outstanding, friendly, and well-behaved community members. Some dog owners may think that their sweet pups are harmless. Regardless of their general behavior, they experience such personal relationships with their furry friends, as we all do. However, a dog’s sweet demeanor does not […]

9 Surprising Ways to Express Your Pooch Love

As a devoted pet parent, you may be showing how much you value your mutt’s presence in your life in all possible ways. Most pet parents prepare delectable treats, surprise their pet with gifts, and also plan play dates to thrill their furred partners. Though your pooch is delighted to receive these surprises, they live […]

Household Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

Our pets are our best friends, so we want to keep them safe. Home is a sanctuary for both us and our pet companions. It is important that we do what we can to maintain a safe environment. While you know to keep certain animals in cages and the door closed, there are other dangers […]

5 Training Tips from the Experts To Calm Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggression can change the entire relationship and lifestyle between a dog and its owner. Owners are less likely to take aggressive dogs out where they can become potential threats to other dogs, people, and animals. Training is, therefore, essential to curb the underlying causes of aggressive behavior: frustration and dominance. Here are the expert’s […]