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5 Incredible Cat Records

There are plenty of cat records that relate to their capacity to procreate, put on weight and age! In this article you’ll find five feline records that definitely surprised me and will probably surprise you too.

The Dangers of a Dirty Litter Box

Maintaining your cat’s litter box is the most important factor when making sure that both you and your feline friend remain healthy. The litter box is a magnet for bacteria, harsh chemicals, parasites, and disease so make sure you are wary of how you maintain it.

Dog and Cat Vomiting: When to Worry

Knowing the danger signs of pet vomiting can help you know when to pick up the phone and make a vet appointment, or when to just pick up the cleaning supplies. This is a definitive guide on the types of vomiting and potential causes.

Vacations for You, Fido, and Whiskers

A vacation with your pet does require a bit more planning than if you were going on a trip solo or with your family. However, there are some tricks and tips worth utilizing to ensure you spend more time having a ball with your furry friends and less time stressed out on your next pet-inclusive vacay.