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9 Surprising Ways to Express Your Pooch Love

As a devoted pet parent, you may be showing how much you value your mutt’s presence in your life in all possible ways. Most pet parents prepare delectable treats, surprise their pet with gifts, and also plan play dates to thrill their furred partners. Though your pooch is delighted to receive these surprises, they live […]

Household Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

Our pets are our best friends, so we want to keep them safe. Home is a sanctuary for both us and our pet companions. It is important that we do what we can to maintain a safe environment. While you know to keep certain animals in cages and the door closed, there are other dangers […]

5 Training Tips from the Experts To Calm Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggression can change the entire relationship and lifestyle between a dog and its owner. Owners are less likely to take aggressive dogs out where they can become potential threats to other dogs, people, and animals. Training is, therefore, essential to curb the underlying causes of aggressive behavior: frustration and dominance. Here are the expert’s […]

Top Places to Visit in California with Your Dog

Have you planned your summer yet? The weather gets warmer, there is more sun to enjoy, and this gives everyone a sense of adventure and new experiences. But how about taking your best furry friend on a road trip to California? There are so many great places to see and enjoy with your dog, and […]

5 ways to Honor your Pet’s Memory when they Pass

They say losing a pet is heart-breaking for a person. It’s like losing a beloved member of your family who has been with you for many years. A lot of people struggle with the grief from losing their furry friend. They feel embarrassed to grieve over an animal and can often bottle up the feelings. […]

22 Ways Cats Make Humans Happier And Healthier

If there is one thing cat owners know very well, it’s that having their feline friends around enriches their lives in numerous ways. From having a furry companion offering unconditional love and support or bringing a smile to one’s face when they chase a new toy around a room, there is little doubt cats are […]

Marketing Your Pet Business

68% of U.S. households own pets, and that translates to at least 85 million little critters. That’s a lot of pets to care for, and pet parents are pretty dedicated. They want the best for their little ones, and this is the reason why the pet service industry will rake in over $60 billion by […]

Which are the Best Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs?

There are many reasons why dogs itch or scratch compulsively. Dogs itching is actually a normal habit of dogs, but it can also be injurious to them. One of the first indications that your loving pet has a complication might be the growth of a hot spot. A hot spot is also known as acute […]

12 Relatively New Breeds You Might Not Know

The historical relationship between dogs and humans is well-documented. Even then, scientists are not sure when exactly this started. Nevertheless, it’s a well-accepted fact that dogs are one of the first (if not the first) to be domesticated. Everybody knows that the dogs today all evolved from the same species, the Canis lupus familiaris. According […]