Winter Dog Care, Tips and Tricks

Taking care of your dog during the winter can be pretty challenging. They are restless and want to go out, but their health has to be your number one priority. Make sure that their shelter is perfectly functional. Make sure that there aren’t any breaches, because if the shelter is leaking the wind then it’s basically useless. Of course, keeping them indoors is the obvious choice. You should have a comfortable place for them, someplace warm. Keeping them indoors is the only option that you have if your dog is pretty old or sick because leaving them outdoors would be cruel. They should eat more during the winter because they need enough food to generate body heat. The water that you give them should be warm, but not too warm. Giving your dog cold water during winter can lead to various diseases.

Make sure that their paws are clean and dry, especially after a walk. Most of the roads will have salt on them due to the snow. Make sure to clean their paws thoroughly after a walk because the salt could damage their paws. Moisturizing their skin during winter can help them fight the cold. If you notice that their skin is dryer than usual you should probably treat it with hot oil. Winter can be hazardous for their skin because the cold constantly dries it You should also avoid letting them near frozen lakes because they could easily fall through the ice.

Be cautious with your holiday plants as well, they can cause unwanted problems to your dog.

Ultimate Winter Dog Care - Keep your dog warm & healthy during winter


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