7 Chores You Can Train Your Dog To Do

You could teach your dog to bring you your newspaper, your wallet or your mail. Dogs can be easily taught to do this chore, most owners actually do. Teach your dog how to bring you your newspaper and watch them do it every single morning while wiggling their tail. Some owners teach their dog to sort their laundry. Of course, you should be aware that the teaching process is going to be extremely exhausting and some of your shirts will be ripped. Picking up trash is another chord that you could train your dog to do. This one is the simplest one and the one that pays off the most Again, the learning process is probably going to result with a lot of trash thrown around your living room. Closing doors are probably the only chore that you can train your dog to do that won’t make your life a living hell throughout the training. Whether it’s the front door or the fridge, your dog could pretty much do it all if you put in the work. Assisting you in the kitchen and getting you drinks are two more chores that you can train them to do. These two require a much longer teaching process, teaching that will probably pay off in the long run. Come on, your dog bringing you your beer? That’s pure gold. You could also teach your dog to wake you up in the morning. You don’t see that very often, right? Well, some owners rely on their dog to wake them up in the morning.

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