Healthy Treats for Cats and when to Use Them

You want to keep your cat healthy, why not keeping the happy too – in the meantime. Actually, this is the place where the idea of cat treat comes. You should choose foods for your pet cat where it is healthy and enjoyable as well.

Feeding a cat with proper foods is important. Pet owners usually do not forget to feed their pet. I mean, who leaves that little dude on an empty stomach? The emphasis should be on what are we giving and should we?

Here are some suggestions for your cuddly precious, which will keep her healthy and happy.

Cat Food

There are available cat foods specially made for the kittens. These are usually flavored to meet the expectation of the taste of your pet. Cat foods are of many types, but if we narrow down the list, we will find 3 different categories of cat that you can feed your kid.

-Dry Cat Food-

The cheapest cat food available in the market is basically dry cat food. These are available in a different weighted bag, and one bag can be served for quite a few months. These are usually crunchy. The worst part about dry cat food is it is not very much appetizing or palatable. Your cat may like it or she may not, it is up to her. If you have a cat that you can address as fussy eater, she will not be much interested in dry cat food.

If you get some high-quality dry food for your little furry cat, you can get balanced nutrition. Try to stick with the flavored dry cat foods; otherwise, your kid will turn away his face from dry food.

-Semi-Moist Cat Food-

Semi-moist cat food may seem identical in the face to the dry cat food, but the formula of making is different. Dry cat food is usually crunchy in the formula, but these are very much chewy. These are easy to eat than dry cat food. When it comes to price, it is in between dry and wet cat food.

These may be easier to eat but if your cat is highly selective, do not go for this. These foods are not seen in the selves of the cat owners these days because these are low in terms of nutrition.

-Wet Cat Food-

If you ask us about the best choice as cat food, we would definitely recommend this. Where cats are not interested in dry cat food and semi-moist cat food, your pet will easily lick the bowl clean if you serve wet food. This sort of food is very easy to eat and has a reputation for being immensely tasty.

There are a lot of high-quality wet cat foods available in the market. You can select any of them that match the taste standard of your pet. These are also available in different flavors. For better understanding, feed different flavored wet cat food to your cat and know which one is her favorite.

Wet cat foods are available in tins and packets both. Tuna is very much popular as a cat food flavor as cats tend to love tuna fish. Complete balanced nutrition is very important when you feed your cat. But you have to keep an eye on the weight of your cat here too. No matter how much they love wet cat food, you have to keep control over feeding him excessively. Otherwise, your cat will get overweight for excessive eating.

Now I’ll be talking about some human foods, which are great for cats too! Isn’t it sweet whenever you and your pet eating the same food altogether?

Human Food for Cats

As your kittens are mammals, they usually love some human food we eat. Most of the foods that are specially made for your cat are transferred to cat food from human food.

Not every food we eat is liked by them. And so, without knowing do not try to feed them human food. Here is a specific human food list for your kitten that can make your furry ball happy.


The most common human food that comes in our mind when the story is about your kitten is fish. Nowadays, we do not count it as human food when we talk about cat food. We usually are seen adding it with cat food.

Usually, cats generate a fraction of Omega-3. This needs to be maintained and kept in balance. Also, the fatty acid ratio needs to be maintained. Fish can provide a perfect proportion of all of these nutrients.

Raw fish can be served to your cat, but we do not recommend you do that. We will suggest you go for cooked fish because this will be easy for your kid to eat them. There are some fish which is tough to eat if eaten raw.

You will get so many fish flavored cat food in the market. These cat foods include different flavors of different fish. When you serve fish directly, your cat can enjoy more.


Eggs, being cheap, these are the most available human food that your cat can enjoy with you. The best part about the egg is it is rich in protein and iron. This usually aids in lessening the intake of the unhealthy foods we eat.

But, never try to stick to raw eggs. If you do not cook the egg, then it can cause your pet E. coli and salmonella. These can cause food poisoning and much more. Raw eggs can make your kitten sick. For serving egg properly, you have to cook them. There are a lot of ways to cook an egg, go for the one that you cat likes most.

The easiest process can be feeding your furry baby scrambled eggs. Whenever you are making a scrambled egg for you, take one part from it and keep it for your little kitten.


Meat can be a perfect choice to intake protein. Moreover, your pet will love chicken as their food. The interesting fact about chicken is you can easily create newer items for your pet and serve it to them as their meal. You can feed chicken, duck or turkey in a properly cooked method. You can also try to go for pre-cooked deli packets.

Meat is called to be a non-negotiable part of cat food. You have to keep in mind that if you feed your cat undercooked meat, it can harm your pet. The same thing goes for uncooked meat. Try not to feed uncooked or raw chicken or turkey which can affect their health.

Another piece of information that you need to remember is cats are not fond of seasoned meat. Avoid serving them seasoned meat and settle on plain and properly sliced meat.

What to Avoid?

It’s time to focus on what foods should be avoided. First of all, no toxic foods. If a food seems to be tasty and healthy for our digestion system – this doesn’t mean that it’s the same for the cat too.

Grapes, onions, raisin might be good for us, but these should be completely avoided for your cat.

As said before, excessive foods are bad. I know the dilemma here. We all love our kitty cat so much and want to give her the best treats. But if you treat your cat disproportionately, at the end of the day, it will bring havoc. Do not do that.

Cats are one beautiful creature. What’s greater than the vibe around, when your pet cat is around? Let’s expand this vibe towards an extension by keeping the cat properly fed. Give your cat healthy treats.

Author Bio:
Jean E. Allen is a pet lover. She loves to be with her pets all the time, and she proudly admits it. Nowadays she is seen towards the progress of pet welfare. She provides comprehensive guides and expert opinion about pet hygiene at

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