cat relaxing on lambskin, in palm leaf bed.

The Best and Worst Pets For Apartment-Dwellers

The size of your home should not discourage you from adopting a pet, though the size of the pet should be a consideration. Many animals can live happily in even small apartments. According to the ASPCA, it is estimated that there are 70 million to 80 million dogs and 74 million to 96 million cats that are owned in the U.S.

Before you start thinking about adoption, talk to your landlord and find out if you will have to pay a pet deposit. After you take care of that, consider our list of the best pets for apartment living.

cat relaxing on lambskin, in palm leaf bed.


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats are the most popular American pet. According to the ASPCA, there are between 74 million and 96 million cats in the United States. Since they do not require walking, cats are perfect for apartment-dwellers . They also handle their own grooming, don’t need to be let outside to go to the bathroom, and are able to make good use of vertical space.


While not necessarily compatible with the pet listed above, parakeets are well-suited for life in close quarters. Unlike larger parrots, parakeets can get all the exercise they need within a 3’x3’x2′ cage. Aside from the cage and a few toys, parakeets do not need a lot of equipment.


Small Dogs

If your idea of a pet begins and ends with dogs, you still have options if you live in an apartment. One of those options is to get a smaller breed such as a pug or Yorkshire terrier. These breeds can be perfectly happy within the confines of a smaller living space.

However, just because an animal is small doesn’t mean it’s suited for life in an apartment. Here are some animals that might seem suitable, but in reality are not or, in other words, the worst pets for apartment living.

cute yorkshire terrier puppy in a red jersey walks in autumn park


These animals are incredibly cute and very photogenic; however, they are also very different from the animals on the list above. For starters, they need space and a lot of it. They are also very active: They like to run and burrow.


Sugar Glider

Small and cute, sugar gliders appear to be perfect for a smaller apartment. The reality is that they are highly active and their need to jump and glide requires a lot of space. In addition, they are social and need at least one more sugar glider, otherwise they become depressed and their health suffers.


Large Parrots

Bigger birds are louder than smaller ones, which can make them unpleasant companions in a small place. Note also that cockatoos and macaws tend to spend the early morning and late evening hours squawking.

The pets listed above are just a few of the animals that you might consider as an apartment pet. Consider whether you want a conventional pet or something a little more exotic.


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