The Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

There are a number of different species of flea. The dog flea is species that lives on a number of mammals, making dogs really susceptible to picking them up. Fleas can be extremely annoying and also dangerous to dogs because it’s very common for fleas to transmit disease and other nasty things such as tapeworms.

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It’s important that fleas are treated as soon as they are diagnosed. There are a number of different ways to get rid of fleas and even prevent them. Some of the best methods are listed below:


1. Flea Shampoo, Spray or Powder

A flea shampoo, spray or powder can be administered to your pet. They are specially formulated to treat fleas and ticks. You’ll want to lift the fleas out of your dog’s coat once you’ve applied the treatment. These combs have very fine gaps in the teeth to ensure the fleas and eggs are collected.

Some of the best brands for flea shampoo include Adams’s, Hartz UltraGuard and Virbac Ecto-Sooth. These brands are formulated to ensure you break the life cycle of fleas, flea eggs and ticks, whilst still being completely harmless to your dog.

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2. Clean the Environment

Carpets, bedding, furniture and linens are a cozy place where you should expect fleas to hide and nest in. You’ll need to boil wash any bedding, linen or clothing in hot soapy water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Carpets and furniture can be cleaned with specialist sprays.

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3. Preventative Measures: Flea Tablets & Flea Collars

Monthly flea tablets can be included in your pet’s food. This is more of a preventative tablet than anything. Every dog will require a different dosage depending on the age and breed, you’ll most likely need to speak to your veterinarian to confirm the dosage required.

A flea collar is also a great way to ward off fleas in the future. They typically contain two active ingredients that help to deter fleas and provide protection for over 8 months.

Bio: After studying Veterinary Science and working with number of veterinary surgeons, Alice has an extensive experience in dog microchipping.


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