Auto Travel with Your Dog: 10 Approaches for Safety and Security

Are you looking for the safest auto travel with your dog tips? Here, we’ve put together some fantastic ideas that should help you keep your four-legged member of the family safe, excited and comfortable during a long summer vacation or holiday tour!

dog smiling with head out the car window

Are you planning on traveling with your dogs? Well, there are many reasons why you should! After all, these are not only just pets but also one of the key members of the family. They are with us all the time, whether it’s taking a morning walk, or curdling next us during cold nights.

That’s why it’s practically impossible to go on a trip without taking the dog on vacation. However, it’s often stressful for most pet owners as they constantly have to make a lot of travel plans just to ensure the safety of their feline friends. Luckily, here we have come up with some simple approaches to help you auto travel with your dog in the safest way possible. Have a look!

1. Know All the Rules of Traveling With Dogs

Before you even think of going for any trip, you need to first familiarize yourself with the rules of traveling with a dog. Note that they are not the same everywhere and hence, you need to conduct proper and thorough research. Failure to do so will not just put your pet at risk, but it could also see you incur a huge fine.

So, what should you make sure they have? In our research, we’ve found that it’s good to include things like identification tags and microchips that will help you in tracking them down if you get separated during the journey. Another crucial ‘auto travel with your dog’ rule is to carry the most suitable pet vaccines, certificates, and records to keep your dog healthy at all times.

2. Take at Least One Test Drive

It’s crucial that you prepare adequately and in advance before taking your dog on vacation. Such is because not all dogs are used to traveling in a car. Therefore, it’s wise that allow your dog to get used to the ‘rhythm’ as well as motions of the car then see how he or she will react.

bulldog looking out car window

While some dogs are not bothered by staying in the confines of the vehicle, others may suffer from the effects of anxiety. So, start traveling your dogs at least one month before leaving for the trip. You could be running minor errands around the town, or visiting a group of friends, but the key thing here is to take short trips first as you slowly move on to longer journeys.

3. Have a Fully Stacked Emergency Kit

Be ready to handle any good or bad situation if you’re going for auto travel with your dog. Ensure that your dog supplies travel bag has got all the essentials. For instance, pack some extra water, food, a dog leash, and the best first aid remedies.

Other important pet care supplies include:

  • Toys and treats
  • Allergy aids
  • Some pain medications
  • Health testing kits

4. Adequate Restraints!

Do you know how to keep your dog safe in the car? Yes, it may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s something which is often ignored. Now, human beings are not the only ones who need to put on safety belts before driving.

Dogs too suffer from the risk of getting injured in case an accident was to happen. They also have the uncanny behavior of causing distractions to the person who’s driving. This is something which may result in a terrible accident.

That’s why it’s wise to fix your car, with some dog travel-restraining devices that should have him or her not moving about during the trip. This will not only keep your dog safe in the car but also all those traveling in the vehicle.

dog running towards driver side car mirror

5. Have Some Dog-Friendly Accommodations Waiting for You!

If you’re planning on taking an overnight auto journey with your dog tour, look for those places which make them feel happy and loved. After all, you wouldn’t want to get fined by the hotel, charged extra costs or even denied entry, right?

6. When On an Auto Travel with Your Dog, Never Lock It in the Car

One of the key things that you should remember when traveling with dogs is that even the most highly trained and loyal breeds don’t like being ‘abandoned’ or left alone in the car. If you do so, you may find all your windows scratched by the dog, or smashed by a concerned person as he or she tries to rescue the pet.

The weather is another contributing factor. You may be traveling to a place which is hot and with intense sunlight, and the car’s interior will almost certainly suffocate your dog. Temperatures may also drop causing the dog to freeze!

7. Learn How to Prevent Stomach Aches during the Trip

Another critical factor on how to travel with a dog in the car is keeping his or her tummy comfortable while on the road. Yes, similar to human beings, some are prone to car sicknesses, mostly when they travel just after taking a heavy meal. So, to prevent this from happening as you auto travel with your dog, feed him or her at least 4 hours before departure and carry some anal treatment care medications.

dog sitting in passenger seat of car

8. Always Keep Your Dog Fully Entertained

Here’s another important guideline on how to travel with a dog. It’s normal for dogs, especially puppies, to get restless especially after a long journey. Fortunately, we’ve found that packing a simple checklist of all their most-loved objects and toys will keep them feeling excited and busy. You could also stop at certain points during the journey to allow them to stretch and play a bit.

9. Bathroom Breaks, Food and Water

Like we’ve just mentioned, it’s important to make regular stops along the way to allow your feline friend to stretch its muscles. It’s also the perfect time for them to take bathroom breaks and to feed. Avoid giving them water or food in the car because they will only make a mess of it!

10. Have Everything Ready in Case of Car Sickness!

Prior preparation is clearly one of the best ways to travel with a dog. That’s why the last crucial item on our list is learning how to deal with car sicknesses. Here, consult your local veterinarian and get some nausea medications if your dog is new to road trips.

woman and her labradoodle dog driving with the car


With all these taking dogs on vacation guidelines, you’ll have no trouble taking the four-legged member of your family around whenever you go for a holiday trip. In any case, it will be one of your most exciting and fun-filled travel experiences.
That being said, what else do you think should be in this auto travel with your dog list?

About the Author:
Scott J. Pine is a pet blogger and a freelance writer who loves to explore absolutely new areas of writing about pets and travel adventures. His hobbies are pet care, and autos. Scott is also a creator of AllPetsExpert.

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