14 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Who doesn’t want a loyal pet? When it comes to loyalty from pets, nothing can beat the friendship from a dog. However, dogs’ behavior depends on several factors. The breed, their health care, training schedule — and so forth. However, some dog breeds are very friendly, and they are just ready to play when anyone crosses their path. However, some dogs are only loyal to their owners and do not show such affection or attitudes towards strangers.

We have created a list of the most loyal dog breeds. Take a look at what we discovered.


The first on the list is the Akita, a loyal dog breed with Japanese origins. They are intensely loyal to their owners. Not only are they loyal, but they also show dignity and courage in their behavior. With proper training and socializing, they can become an entertaining, respectful, and affectionate friend.

Have you heard the story of the world’s most famous dog? Well, it is a well-known story in Japan. Hachiko walked with his owner every day to the station and one day when the owner met an unexpected death, Hachiko waited there. Not only for the day, but he went there every day in the hope to see his owner returning. Well, Hachiko was an Akita.


The Beagle is considered as one of the most loved family dogs. The AKC (American Kennel Club) also found these dominant dogs best for hunting and companions for humans. Beagles were originally bred to hunt in packs, and follow their nose. They love the company of other dogs and are super affectionate towards humans (including kids) and other canines. When you train your Beagle with care, they become your best companion.


Boxers are not only loyal to their humans, but they are also considered as the best guarding dogs. These canines are super protective. Most families prefer this breed because of they’re playful and at the same time protective. With proper training, these pups can be the best family dogs. However, don’t let the fact that boxers have been used in dogfighting in the past, according to DogTime, boxers are very patient and gentle with children.


Brittany’s have a love for running, playing, hunting, scouting, and exercising with their owners. They love to be on their own, but at the same time, they are accurately responsive to the directions they get from their owners.

When you have this breed of dog in your house, you will never be bored! They are vibrant and always ready to play. These dogs are very active and need lots of exercises daily. Not only physical activity, but they also perform well in mentally challenging tasks. You can take them hiking with you, and they will never fail to impress you.


The Chihuahua has developed a reputation for being a small dog with a big personality. However, you should not underestimate the intelligence of this little pup. They are very loyal to their owners. According to the AKC, a Chihuahua does not need extensive training to become a friendly companion to their human.

Most Chihuahuas weigh less than four pounds, and they are the tiniest breeds. They can be aggressive to strangers. It is their protective instincts that lead them to act fiercely. They need gentle training and care to stay happy.


They have a keen sense of smell, they are very friendly, and they can also be amusing. Many celebrities own this breed due to their liveliness and generous nature. Dachshunds are highly intelligent with an excellent hunting spirit and are easily bored. A Dachshund loves to do independent activities, but when given a fair chance they love family activities as well. When given a chance, they are incredibly devoted to their humans.

Doberman Pinscher

A carefully trained Doberman pinscher can be your best friend and also the most efficient guardian. They love their humans and are raised in and can be friendly and protective to the children. This intelligent breed is highly trainable, and that is why a Doberman pinscher is used in police and military operations. Doberman pinschers are undoubtedly loyal and love to be active throughout the day.

German Shepherd

With a great personality, the German Shepherd also possesses intelligence and noble nature. This is one of the most powerful and famous breeds all across the world. German Shepherds need to be exercised daily physically and mentally, and they are very protective of their humans. They are widely popular for activities in rescue operations, military operations, and even as canine athletes. They sometimes have a hard time getting to know their family and outside acquaintances. However, at the same time, German Shepherds have proven to be one of the best family dogs and are faithful to their owners.

Great Pyrenees

These smart mountain dogs are calm, strong-willed, patient, and at the same time affectionate. They love their owners unconditionally. An adult Great Pyrenees dog can weigh more than one hundred pounds, and they live life as a leader. You need to train them with patients and care. A properly trained Great Pyrenees can become a great family dog. They love their humans and also get along with dogs of other breeds; you need to socialize them at an early stage of life.

Irish wolfhound

This is one of the tallest and also the most loyal breeds of AKC. They have submissive personalities and want to spend as much time relaxing. They do not need as much exercise as the German Shepherd or other larger breeds. They develop a deep bond with the family and loves to be a part of every family activity. They might seem too big to play with small children, but they are very safe and gentle. You need to ensure that you provide firm and constant training to your Irish Wolfhound as they act just like a puppy until the age of two. They sometimes do not show interest in learning the rules, so a firm but gentle beginning is key to opening up their mind.


You might not have heard about this dog breed, but as far as loyalty is concerned these dogs have proved as one of the best. You can surely rely on Kuvasz to ensure the safety of your family members. They never let their humans down when it comes to protecting them. At the same time, they are sweet and energetic. They can be easily trained, and there is no need to be harsh during the training.

Rough Collie

The Rough Collie is known for its protective abilities. They are incredibly loyal and do not hesitate to show their devotion to their humans. They are energetic but do not like to show enthusiasm all the time. Instead, these collies prefer relaxing with the family members at home. They are also great with children and are good-natured and affectionate.

St. Bernard

As per the AKC report, the St. Bernard is famous for his love and loyalty. If you want a loyal dog in your house, the St. Bernard will never disappoint you. They are obedient and also playful with children. It is considered a perfect family pet. However, you need to be extra careful in training and socializing, and you should be prepared to put in some extra efforts.

Skye Terrier

The list of most loyal dog breeds is not complete without mentioning the Skye terrier. This breed is famous for its devotion and loyalty. They love long walks with their owners and playtime in the park. Skye terriers are super active and need daily outdoor activity. You should pay proper attention to their socialization to keep their personality joyful. They are also known for digging and barking. So if you have a garden, don’t let them lose in the night! They prefer adults as to playing with children. So while training them, you should be extra careful if you have small people at home.

Wrap Up

Now you know some of the most loyal dog breeds across the world. Dogs have always been the best friends of humans. Even a street dog you feed and play with regularly shows some level of loyalty. So all you need to do is to have the dog you love most and focus on their care, training & their total health. Any dog that you raise from its puppyhood will be a part of your family forever. Train them well and take care of them and you will have an unlimited flow of unconditional love.

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