7 Incredible Ways To Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

When the weather decides to kick it up a notch and the warmer temperatures arrive it can be a bit uncomfortable for your pet. The summer is typically the time when the families prefer to enjoy time outdoors. If you are enjoying the time with your family members in swimming or some hiking, there are chances that the furry family members will also participate along with you.

Most of us would be aware of the fact that it is important for human to stay hydrated but it is equally important for your pets to stay hydrated. Here are a few tips!

1. Know the amount of water your pet needs

If your pet isn’t getting the right amount of water they need they could suffer from heat exhaustion, stroke, or even death. Some common symptoms like increased heart rates and respiratory rates, drooling, excessive panting or mild weakness must be taken care of. Make sure your pet is getting the right amount of water they need in order to keep them hydrated.

Keep an eye out for the more severe symptoms of the heat stroke include diarrhea along with vomiting and body temperature shooting over 1040 F.

2. Always provide the pets a cool place to take a nap

If you need to remain outdoors in midday, then make sure that your fluffy ones don’t get exposed to direct sunlight. You can arrange a shady place to cut them off from the harsh sun. Warning! Remember that your flurry members don’t have shoes and their padded paws may get burnt or hurt if got in contact with asphalt or hot sand.

Some of the pocket pets such as the ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits are generally kept indoors when the scorching sun rays get over 2000 C.

3. When providing pet-food, add ice blocks/water to it

Use of ice or cold water is an excellent way to cool your pet’s body temperature. But it not advisable to provide them with the ice blocks directly. You can feed the blocks along with the fresh veggies and other kibbles for the rabbits, dogs, and guinea pigs.

For small pets like ferrets, you can fill a bottle with milk or juice along with some water and let it freeze overnight. The next day, place the same bottle in their enclosure and you will find them nibbling at the bottle whole day long.

4. Try out a pet drinking fountain

Most of the animals enjoy drinking water from fountains. My pet cat, Milo, has the tendency to sit outside the washroom and blink towards me. This is Milo’s way of hinting that he wants me to open the sink faucet so he can drink fresh water. I always follow his request! 

5. Treat your pets with frozen Items

Some of the pets enjoy munching on frozen treats like ice cream, chilled cucumber, and other healthy foods. You can also freeze broth into a popsicle to make a yummy cool snack for your pet. 

Apart from this, you can also treat them with some refreshing and delicious smoothie. A great option, isn’t it?

6. Proper Grooming is necessary for pets, especially during summer

If your dog has a thick coat of fur make sure you’re taking extra care of them during these hot months. Clip their coat carefully, so that they don’t feel sunburn or heat. The undercoat is the natural cooling system of your pets.

However, if the fur cover is not properly managed, then it will become matted and will block the air flow via its skin.

7. Be mindful of the breeds

Different pet breeds have different needs. Make use of internet resources to determine what your pet needs specifically, that way you can keep them nice and cool this summer!

So what are you waiting for? Share your tips on how to keep the pets hydrated with all your friend and relatives, especially when the temperature is above the average.

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