5 Best Ways To Store Dog Food This Summer

Pet owners worry about buying the right kind of dog food, but many don’t pay much attention to how to store this food. When it comes to storing dog food, there are certain rules that will help keep your pup’s dinner fresher for longer.

Dog food is a product that tends to change in taste, color, and texture when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures and moisture. So it’s not only important but also necessary for you to store the food in a suitable environment. Read on for some tips to help you store your food correctly.

What You Should Know Before Reading On

When you open your dog’s bag of grub you’re exposing the bag’s contents to light, heat, and air. This change can compromise the freshness of the kibbles, breaking down the nutrients and vitamins. By storing dry food correctly you’re slowing down this process and prolonging the freshness of your the kibble.

The best way to store this food in plastic containers that have an airtight lid, meaning your pet’s dinner isn’t exposed to heat and air. When you fill up your pup’s bowl make sure to securely close the container so that the food is protected.

Safe Storage of Dog Food

Before we list down the five best ways to store dog food this summer, you should know a little about safe storage. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, dog food is highly susceptible to change when exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause the formation of moisture on the kibbles, which gives rise to mold.

Many pet owners store dog food in their garage not realizing that such a room experiences constant, extreme temperature changes. And this tends to happen more often in the summer season when the mercury level in the garage shoots up.

So it’s important that you store the food at room temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold. The best place would be your kitchen cabinet or pantry.

5 Best Ways to Store Dog Food This Summer

In this section, I’ve discussed the five most creative ways to store dog food in summer. And if what you’re also looking for is how to store dry dog food long term, then this is it. So let’s get started!

1. In a laundry hamper

It’s a simple idea, isn’t it? Many people opt for storing dog food inside trash cans. So if you’re one of the few that don’t like the idea of placing clean, fresh food in a garbage bin, then you can use a laundry hamper instead. Plus, laundry baskets are much more attractive than plastic waste cans.

But when storing dog food in a laundry hamper, you need to make sure that the original package has a zip closure system. You can also place the bag inside a large plastic container before keeping that in the laundry hamper.

2. In a drawstring bag

Such a method is the most useful out of the five best ways to store dog food this summer. And that’s because storing dog food inside a drawstring bag is something that you can do even with multiple pets. This means more variety of food, right? So you can have one drawstring bag for every different type of food product.

Feel free to customize these bags using spray paint or felt marker. Also, buy dog food that comes in packaging that can zip shut. This way the food remains fresh and moisture-free for a long time.

3. In a glass container

Does dry dog food go bad in glass containers? Not if they have an airtight lid. Everybody stores food in plastic containers. But not many have thought about replacing them with the glass versions.

There might be a few glass containers, big or small, lying around somewhere in your house. So it’s time to look for them and use them most creatively.

4 In an old piece of furniture

You don’t need to know all the five best ways to store dog food this summer as much as you need to know this one. Storing dog food inside used, old cabinets or dressers is an excellent idea, isn’t it? All you need to do is find plastic containers of the right size that will fit into the cabinet easily.

5 In a large metal tin or can

After every holiday season, we’re left with tons of large metal tins and cans. So instead of putting all of them away this time, keep a few to store your dog’s food. You can turn these containers into bright, colored storage cans.

That’s About It!

So these are the five best ways to store dog food this summer. The methods discussed above are not only practical but creative too.

So what’s your take on dog food storage? Do you have any useful tips to offer? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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    something we don’t often think about but people like me with several dogs who buys the largest bag of Natural Balance kibble need to know how to store it safely. Only the healthiest, safest food and treats are the ones we buy – our dogs eat better than us but we love them so much – they deserve the best!


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