8 Summer Activities For You And Your Pet

We all know that spending time with our pets can actually be more fun than spending time with people. Our furry friends understand us, are true to us, are always willing to play, become sad when we are upset, and they always want to be near us. Summer ends up being an amazing season for activities that include our dogs! There are so many adventures calling our names and it’s so fun figuring out what your dog loves to do. Read on and you’ll find out about the most entertaining ways to make memories with your pet this summer.

1. Active Rest

If you and your dog are fans of outdoor activities, try a camping trip, or a hike in the mountains. Clean and fresh air, swimming in the pond, an opportunity to be among nature will bring happiness to your pup. Just make sure you take a fair amount of water with you to make sure both you and your dog stay hydrated!

2. At home

If you’re a bit worried about the heat and don’t want to bring your pet outside, there are lots of interesting activities for you and your dog to do at home.

1) Take old boots or a folded handkerchief and put treats inside. Watch how your dog tries to get yummies.

2) Arrange the chairs of your dining room table one by one and cover the top of them with a blanket in order to make a tunnel. With the help of treats, try and get your dog to go through the tunnel.

There are many games for you and your pet within your house, only fantasy and inspiration are required.

3. Street Games

Use your daily walk as an excuse to train your pet to jump over obstacles and play different games. Many dog parks have agility courses set up and this could be a fun way to burn off extra energy and get some fresh air. This brings us to our next tip…

4. Dog Parks

Without a doubt, your dog loves you more than anyone else. However, don’t forget about communication and socialization with other dogs. Visiting dog parks is a great way to introduce your pet to other animals and socialize them. Many dog parks even offer group training which is a great opportunity to get closer to your four-footed friend.  

5. Toys

Don’t miss an opportunity to pamper your furry friend with interesting and unusual toys. Buy a toy-puzzle for your dog, which are usually made of non-toxic rubber and have a hollow middle. In order to engage their pets, many dog owners stuff these hollow toys with delicious treats. Make sure to pick the right size and shape for your pup.

6. Commands

Spend some time in the backyard one afternoon doing a little bit of extra training with your dog. You can teach them everything from simple tricks like sit and come, to more engaging tricks like stand up or roll over. Your backyard or home is a perfect place for this because its free of distractions.

7. Games Near the Water

Playing by the water is excellent entertainment for every dog during hot summer days. If your dog loves to swim, try throwing a stick or toy into the water and have your dog retrieve it. If they’re more of a shore dog, you can play fetch along the shore-line. Just make sure to keep an eye on your pup if they’re in the water.

8. Hide and Seek 

Good old hide-and-seek is popular not only with children but also with our furry friends! It improves physical and mental abilities and is incredibly fun for your pet. Hide behind a tree or a bush and let a dog find you. After a while, a pet will understand what is required of him and will participate with pleasure in the game.

Finally, the most important thing to remember this summer: have fun and make lots of memories!

Author Bio: 

The guest post is provided by Crystal Roman who is the freelance writer for EduBirdie. Her lifestyle credo is “When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul”

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