Choosing the Right Dog Whistle

Whether you are training a new puppy or are working with an older dog, there are three things you will need to be successful: patience, consistency and the right tools for the job. One of the most popular and useful dog training tools you can have in your kit is the dog training whistle. There are hundreds of different kinds on the market, and choosing the right one, in the beginning, can give you and your dog the best possible start when it comes to training.


A huge advantage of using whistles to train your dog is that they offer consistency that can be hard to achieve when using your voice alone. Dogs are very perceptive animals and are in tune with their owners – if you are a little tense, angry, or frustrated with your dog, then they will pick up on that in your tone of voice, and this can be confusing for them. A whistle sounds the same no matter our mood, and this is a considerable benefit in dog training.


Well, designed dog whistles are also loved by professional dog trainers and hobbyists alike because the whistle sound can travel over long distances. Some whistles are perfect for working close up with your dog – great if you are working on agility or obedience training – and others can be heard from an impressive 1km away or more.


To help you get the most out of your training sessions, you might like to include a harness and leash, or a leash that attaches to your dog’s collar. You can choose a fixed leash for close work, or a retractable leash to give your dog a bit more room to move. Another simple but handy addition to your kit will be a bag of your dog’s favorite treats. Using treats to reward good behavior will motivate your dog to do their best during sessions and will help them to learn desired behaviors more quickly!

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