11 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Instagram More Popular

If you have a dog as a pet and an Instagram account, it is more than obvious that you will post a picture or two of your dog, and soon your best friend will gather more likes and engagement than your own photos. The natural step is to make them an Instagram star with their personal Insta account.

Once you do it, you realize that you have not discovered the hot water and there are many accounts out there who have a great number of followers. Since you are going to use your dog’s Instagram anyway, why not apply a few tricks so that you can make it even more popular?

While it is not possible to reach the coveted K (like in 10,000 followers or 10K followers) overnight, by working systematically and having a sound plan, you can do it in several weeks. There are a few simple tips that you need to follow to make your dog’s Instagram more popular, and we have selected 11 of the most useful ones.

Find Your Dog’s Unique Feature

It is clear that your dog is the best for you and you find them unique in all they do. To make your dog loved by other people, especially those who cannot meet them in person, you need to find your dog’s unique feature and make use of it in their Instagram account.

Your dog may have some specific coloring or shape of their years or an all-time smiling face. Use this external feature to their advantage. Point out what makes your dog stand out and turn it into their recognizable “brand.”

You can also pick up a trick your god loves doing as the distinctive feature that will attract Instagram followers.

Select an Appropriate Theme

It is important to select a theme around which your dog’s Instagram profile will evolve. It should be something that is both attractive for Instagram users and easy for you to follow. A few ideas that you can choose from are:

  • Representing the place, you live in – make your dog a storyteller of the beauty and history of your town
  • Traveling and vacation – if you love to travel and your dog is your companion, this is a great theme for their Instagram. You can take thousands of pictures at every place you visit, making the dog the star in the picture. Just make sure to follow the important tips for traveling with pets and keep them safe and happy throughout the journey. Do not forget the canine auto safety harness, in case you are traveling in a car.
  • Supporting a charity cause or raising awareness – in case your dog is suffering from a specific condition, you can use their Instagram profile to raise awareness of this problem. You can still do it even if your dog is in perfect health, which we wish you from the bottom of our heaths. You can make cute photos of your pet urging their followers to collect funds for supporting a pet-related cause.
  • Fashion icon – if your dog loves to be dressed up and you enjoy fashion too, then the fashion star theme will be the right choice to bring you success in growing your followers.

These are just suggestions to inspire you. You can choose whatever theme you like, just keep in mind that it should be something typical for your dog, something they love and have fun with as that will make you natural Insta stars.

Write a Catchy Bio

There are numerous pet accounts in Instagram and to attract followers, you need to grab their attention from the first look and line they read. The few sentences that will represent your dog are very important. You need to nail it so think well before writing the bio.

It should be something smart, catchy, funny, and representing your dog in the best possible way. It is a good idea to note down a few variants and ask friends to rate them and help you choose the best one.

Post Great Content

Instagram is a picture-based social media. The image speaks like a thousand words and drives engagement. At the same time, all posts are accompanied by a short, catchy message that can make a whole lot of difference.

If your post is fun or cute, comical or simply interesting, you will attract more people. In addition to that, Instagram’s algorithm will boost quality content so it will become visible to more people.

While you need to invest in a good camera that can make stunning images, it is also necessary to accompany them by the same high level of descriptions. Use all the help you can get for fixing spelling mistakes and making your sentences flow more naturally. If necessary, make use of some professional help. The great writers at Handmade Writing can give you professional advice and help with editing your posts in order to get the maximum value they can bring. Grammarly and Hemingway are also great tools that you can use to polish your content.

Engage with Influencers

One of the smart ways to get more likes and followers is to look for influencers near you and offer them to take photos with your dog. It’s a sure recipe for success since everybody likes a cute dog on their pictures.

You can choose to make some topical pictures with your dog’s favorite toy – a Latex Polka Dot Goblet Pig Dog Toy, for example, is a great accessory that will make lots of people smile. While it is true that most of the glory will go to the influencer, your dog’s Instagram profile will benefit as well.

Make Proper Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to popularize your dog’s photos but make sure to use them properly. Do not put too many of them.

You need to get familiar with the proper dog-related hashtags such as #tongueouttuesday, #doggos or #pupperinos. Make sure that you also use the hashtags related to the theme you have selected for your puppy’s Instagram. A few general hashtags like #cute are always of help.

You can make a list of about 30 useful hashtags and keep them in a document handy so that you can use them whenever you need them.

Post Consistently

If you want to get more followers, you need to post regularly. It is not necessary to overload your followers, but if you post just once in a while, you are not going to get the engagement you need.

It is also necessary to find the best time for your posts – experiment different approaches and once you find the sweet spot, make use of it.

Practice Taking Photos of Your Dog

Taking photos is not as easy as you may think. Quite often you will need more than 30 shots to get one picture that you can use on Instagram. The camera is of great importance; however, practice and patience are your two best allies.

You need to have sufficient treats to keep your dog cooperative. It is also necessary not to make them do too much and get annoyed. If it is not their day, simply leave them alone, and you will make it up during the following photo sessions.

Socialize on Instagram: Follow Others to Be Followed

Instagram is a great way for socializing so make good use of that. Take some time every day to like, share, and comment on accounts, especially those related to dogs. Follow those who have followed you. Follow, and you will be followed. These are the golden rules of Instagram that you shall observe if you want to see those thousand followers.

Use Your Pet’s Insta Voice to Help

Once you have established your dog’s own voice on Instagram, you can use it to spread out the good. You can use your dog’s profile to educate people on important dog-related issues. Even a “simple” allergy can be quite dangerous, so sharing tips on how to care for your allergic pet can be a life-saver for many people and their pets.

Supporting a local charity will also help your dog’s account and get you a lot of followers. Have fun and use the account to share the good deeds and to inspire people. That is a great way to make the best use of your dog’s Instagram account and at the same time turn them into an Insta star!

Have Fun!

Last but not least it is important to have fun while creating your Instagram posts. Do not force your dog to do something or make them pose too long for the perfect picture. Learn different ways how to pamper your pet, and you will get the best shot naturally.
These simple tips will help you make your dog’s Instagram more popular. Just keep in mind that it takes time. Be patient and persistent in your efforts. Find the strategy that works for you and follow it. And don’t remember that it’s your dog that is more important and not their Instagram account. Spend quality time with your pet, and you will have lots of great pictures to post.

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