What is Canine Periodontal Disease?

According to Dr. James Anthony, “canine periodontal disease is a condition that affects a dog’s gums, rather than originating in the teeth themselves. Tooth loss and decay usually occur as a direct result of advanced periodontal disease.”

As canine periodontal disease progresses, your pooch will go through 4 different stages. Did you know by the time your dog reaches 3 years old, “roughly 80% of dogs have oral health issues, with many showing the tell-tale signs of early onset periodontal disease.”

Once the oral disease begins, the following stages can occur:

Stage 1
Gingivitis – initial inflammation of the gums

Stage 2
Early Periodontitis – more inflammation, and plaque and tartar has formed

Stage 3
Established Periodontitis – bleeding gums

Stage 4
Advanced Periodontitis – severe pain in the gums and obstruction of nasal passages

To read more about the stages, please check out the full article here.

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