Top 7 Tools for Transporting Your Pet in the Airplane

Traveling is great, amazing actually, but you know what makes traveling even better? A sweet, furry companion by your side. If you love to travel, but you’re not sure if you should take your pet with you, just think about how good it will feel to know that your baby is safe and sound by your side.

Anyway, if you’re already decided to travel with your furry friend, then you should familiarize with the procedure of transporting your pet from a country to another. There’s not much to say if you’re traveling by car.

But if you’re traveling by plane, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration to ensure that your pet’s traveling experience will be as smooth as possible.

You see, airplanes are big and loud, and some pets are more sensitive than others, but there are many helpful tools and traveling supplies that will make sure that your pet will travel safe and sound.

If you want to find out what I’m talking about, stick with us as in today’s post we’re presenting out top 7 tools for transporting your pet in the airplane.

Pet Travel Tools

Today, there is a tool for almost everything. So, obviously, there are a lot of tools to make your traveling experience with a pet easier and more comfortable. Anyway, all the tools listed below are very handy and useful when you travel with your pet by plane.

Natural Calming Medication

Transporting your pet on the airplane might be a stressful process. Now drugging him is not a good solution – not safe, neither healthy. Fortunately, there are several amazingly good and efficient natural calming medication that you can give your dog right before boarding.

Of course, this should come without saying, even if it’s natural, you shouldn’t prescribe your pet any medication by yourself. You should always ask your vet about the best medication for your pet’s weight, health condition, and breed.

Anyway, natural calming medication can solve all your problems – you can enjoy the flight without worrying that your pet is stressed as this medication will give him a very calm state. That’s what makes them a must have flying tool.

Pet Waste Bags

If it’s going to be a long flight, you can expect your pet to do his needs. Therefore, pet waste bags are a tool that must’s miss from your bag. As well, until you’re waiting for your flight, your pet might need to go to the bathroom, and you have to be prepared.

Anyway, I believe that you already thought to pack dome waste bags for the trip, but all I’m saying is to keep them close at the airport and during the flight.


Traveling by plane is the fastest way to travel yet, and yet it takes at least several hours – time in which a pet, especially dogs, can get extremely bored. Therefore, you need to keep them busy, and the best way to do it is to bring their favorite toys with you.

If your beloved pet happens to be a fluffy cat, I’s might suggest you provide only catnip toys as catnip is calming naturally any cat. According to most BrillAssignment, catnip is making them feel relaxed and euphoric, which is just the state you must keep them during the flight.

Water Bowl and Container

Of course that you figured out that your pet is going to be thirsty at some point, but what you probably don’t know if you haven’t traveled by plane with your pet before is that the water container has to be airline-approved.

Which are actually pretty good since some of them are designed perfectly for pet carriers.

Concerning the bowls, you might want to consider buying one that doesn’t slosh or spill water around, considering that you’ll use it in the airport and airplane, not at home. There are some amazing bowl models perfectly designed for travel online.

Clean-Up Materials

Another must-have tool, or better say tools, are clean-up materials. Why? Well during the flight, your pet will most probably potty in the carrier or kennel. Therefore, if you want to prevent a big mess from happening, you’d better have the right tools.

First of all, you put a pad in the kennel to make cleaning up much easier, especially when it comes to urine as it absorbs it. Second of all, edu birdie advice’s that you might want to keep close an odor spray because pet poop can make a whole room smell bad, and the other plane passengers won’t appreciate the odor.


Pet backpacks are a pretty smart tool if you ask me. Instead of holding all their supplies in your backpack and barely have space for yours, you can make some room for yourself and put all their supplies in their backpack – problem solved.

Pet Warmth & Comfort Supplies

Zack & Zoey Trek Puffy Jacket - Red (Medium)You must ensure warmth and comfort to your pet while traveling, especially when you’re traveling by plane. The noise and all the unknown factors surrounding your per will be a big stress factor for him. The least you can do is to ensure his comfort from home as much as possible.

Since we’re talking about tools, the best tool to ensure your pet’s comfort and to keep him warn are kennel sized beds for pets.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Of course, all the above-mentioned tools are important and really great, but there are some traveling supplies that you should also keep close, even though they don’t really fit in the “pet tools” category, or which they are good to have just in case.

Pet Food

Some consider that the pets shouldn’t really eat before a flight, but you can’t starve your pet either. So, to make a compromise, keep some of his dry food close, and when you consider you can feed your pet but maybe half of his usual portion.

Pet Treats

I consider that treats are a must have if your pet is a dog. Treats are the best distraction and the best way to keep them busy for a long, long while.

Pet Medication

Firstly, you should consult with your vet about what medication you should take with you just in case something happens with your pet. As we take with us a drug stash just in case, we have a headache or stomachache, the same way we have to think for our pet.

Microchip Information

You probably know this, but just in case you don’t, your pet must be microchipped in order to travel with him. And you should have all your pet information just in case something goes wrong in the process. Better be safe than sorry.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a must have in general when you travel, no matter if you travel alone or with your pet. They are so handy – you can clean your hands, the pet’s kennel, and the pet’s accidents.

Health Records

Each airline has its policies, and some of them or most of them require the pet’s health records. It’s pretty obvious since if your pet is pretty ill, traveling by plane might not be the safest option for him.

Pet Hair Roller

This supply is not really necessary, but it might be a must if your pet is really furry and you want to keep your clothes fur-free during your holiday.

Pet Carries

Of course, transporting your pet in the plane requires to transport him in a pet carrier. Without this tool you can’t transport your pet in the airplane – you could, practically, but it’s against their policy.

Now, getting back to carriers, you should find one that screams quality. During the flight, your pet must feel comfortable and safe, and that’s what a good carrier is ensuring – besides durability.

Pet Gear The Other Door Steel Crate 36" - Tan/Black

As well, you might want to inform yourself regarding the airline’s pet carrier requirements – each airline has their requirements to make sure that the pet can travel in safe and comfortable conditions.

For small pets, you can opt for mesh and cloth carriers, which are pretty comfortable and they fit perfectly under your seat.

Hard plastic kennels are the best options for bigger pets who will travel in cargo. You must make sure that the kennel is very well ventilated and that the opening door is in front not on the top. Again, the higher the quality is, the safer your pet will be.


Having a pet is a big responsibility. You are in charge of his life and well-being, but in return for that, you will receive joy, happiness, and unconditional love.

Your pet will always feel better by your side, so when you want to travel, you should take this into consideration, even though there are several ways to leave your dog in good care while you travel.

Anyway, if you want to travel with your pet by airplane, you have all the information you need to know to make sure that your pet will travel safe and sound and to reduce his stress as much as you possibly can.

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