Tariffs Effect Terriers! (And Maybe Your Pet Too)

Imported pet products are about to cost more than domestic.

China has earned itself a reputation for less than quality goods. Pet toys and treats are no exception to their ill repute. The fact is, China makes a lot of stuff for our pets, and with their reasonable prices, we buy them without much dispute. However, it’s easy to blame a country when a product goes bad or hurts our furry loved ones.

Truth is, the US company that imported the items should have done their due diligence before importing and holds just as much responsibility as the Chinese manufacturer. Let’s not forget that American companies have had their fair share of shady business practices that have lead our furbabies to the same fate in the past. (Petfood Recalls)

In order to decrease the strain of some of China’s unfair policies and practices on US businesses, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently announced a new round of tariffs on Chinese imports. Applying toward goods produced in China and imported to the United States. USTR Press Release

Starting September 24th 2018 – 10% Tariffs
Starting January 1st 2019 – 25% Tariffs

According to pet our importers and various pet vendors that HealthyPets has relationships with, some are going to be absorbing part of the tariff increase and others are passing the pricing along.

HealthyPets predicts that in the coming year we will see more US made pet products and fewer pet products from China. We haven’t heard about other countries boosting their pet product imports to the US.

One other thing we can predict though, we will have to start paying more for toys and treats.

Pricing is still a major factor in what we buy, so manufacturers and importers will find a way to make the pet products for our cattos and doggos at reasonable prices. HealthyPets will continue to provide the best pricing and deals from all of our vendors directly to you by buying in bulk and skipping levels of distribution, passing the savings to you.

What do you think about all this? On one hand, we think more US made products will be bought, on the other hand, we may end up spending a lot more or just buying less. Will our fubabies/featherbabies/reptibabies be stay safe from questionable quality?

Written by Jesse a HealthyPets staff member who loves all animals, is a licensed falconer, you can follow him and his animals on his instagram.

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