6 Ways to Prevent Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture

Is your cat always scratching the furniture? I know it can get frustrating, particularly as it ruins your home’s clean look! So instead of fretting and getting mad at your cat, it’s time to find alternative methods to get him or her to stop scratching the furniture again. So here are 6 ways to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture!

1. Invest in the Right Cat Necessities

I recommend you to invest in a cat tree or scratching post, which will help prevent your cat from scratching other things. Plus, it keeps them entertained. Place it near areas where he is most likely to scratch.

These are great investments, as these are more entertaining and proven to be beneficial for cats, especially since it comes with its scratching post.

Other products you can invest in would be a scratch spray, which helps deter cats from furniture they’d like to scratch.

2. Trim Nails

Have your cat groomed or trim his nails properly to prevent the blow of his or her scratching. Trim your cat’s nails at least once every few days. Avoid cutting it too short, because they need it as well!

Another method to help lessen the scratches on your furniture would be to use plastic caps on your cat’s nails, which helps prevent your cat from damaging surfaces around him or her. You will need to ask your veterinarian about it. Also, it lasts for about three to six weeks, so replacement is required if you would like to keep the soft caps method for the long term. Observe your cat and how he reacts to the soft tips, as he may feel uncomfortable with it at first.

3. Preventive Measures

Your cat scratching furniture may be inevitable, but you can stop him from ruining your things by placing plastic, sandpaper, or double-sided tape on areas he seems to scratch the most. That way, your cat will not like the feeling and focus his attention on something else. You may also want to shut doors or install gates to prevent your cat from heading to rooms with expensive or new furniture.

4. Stopping or Correcting the Cat’s Behavior

Use your voice and tone to correct your cat’s behavior. Catch your cat in the act and yell a sharp “NO,” which will reduce his interest in scratching it. You can also try dropping coins or pebbles that will startle your cat and discourage him from scratching.

5. Spraying Water On Your Cat

Keep a plastic spray bottle full of water and give your cat a small spritz when he or she is scratching somewhere they shouldn’t be. It will discourage them from scratching the furniture again. That being said, do NOT spray too much water on your pet as most cats truly do not like water. Spray just enough for your cat to know that what they did is bad. 

6. Keep Your Cat Outside

Cats need their outdoor time as well, where they can explore the garden and scratch the trees. Using nature as their scratching post will lessen their want to scratch furniture. Plus, exploring the outdoors may tire them out and will have them focused on resting once they’re back inside.


In Conclusion

I hope that these 6 ways to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and try any of these tips to preserve the state of your new furniture today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences on getting your cat to stop scratching around your house, then comment down below! I would love to hear what you have to think.

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Ella Woods is a mother, wife, and the author of Housinghere.com. She is 29 years old and loves writing about the personal experiences she goes through in her spare time! 


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