5 Simple Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

A smelly dog is not appealing at all even if your dog is the cutest canine on earth. There are several reasons why your dog stinks; it could be due to poor hygiene, poorly maintained fur, your dog rolling or stepping on his feces and others but no matter how cute a dog is, it is hard to spend time with him if he smells bad. So, you need to keep your dog smell fresh and pleasant. And how you will do it? Here are 5 simple ways to make your dog smell better.

1. Give your Dog a Bath

Just as you will smell bad if you don’t take a bath for days, the same thing goes for your dogs. Even though dogs can clean themselves, they still need a good complete bath. If your dog is smelly run a bath for them and give them a good wash with a shampoo that is formulated for dogs to get rid of odors and help your pup’s coat stay shiny and soft. When shampooing, make sure that your dog is wet and start at the upper part of your pet as you work your way down to the tail. Use warm water to wash the shampoo out but be careful of his eyes and ears.

Conditioner is also an option depending on the type of coat your dog has. As it does with humans, it will help with detangling as well as making your pet’s fur soft and shiny.

2.Clean Dog’s Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

If you’ve given your pup a scrub down in the bath and they’re still a bit stinky, his ears, teeth, or eyes may be the culprit. Good grooming can get rid of the bad odor that is coming from these areas. Take a look at your dog’s ears and if they seem a bit dirty, use wipes, mineral oil, or an ear cleaner to clean out the area. This will help with unpleasant smells.

In cleaning your dog’s eyes, use a wet face cloth, wet cotton ball or pet facial wipe to clean the areas around the eyes.

If your dog’s breath smells bad, it could be due to the plaque and tartar building up on his teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth every day using special toothpaste made only for them. Never use the toothpaste made for humans as it could poison them. Brushing your pooch’s teeth can get rid of the bad odor coming from his mouth and it will keep his teeth healthy and clean.

3. Brush His Fur Regularly

Dog fur that is left unattended may cause many conditions like tangles, severe mats, and odor. Make sure that you brush your dog’s fur regularly to remove any debris and dirt that may be trapped in it. While brushing, you can check for bites, lumps, bumps, cuts and fleas and ticks.

If your dog’s fur emits a bad odor, you can also sprinkle some baking soda on his fur. First, brush your dog’s fur to remove the visible dirt and debris. Then sprinkle baking soda into the fur, make sure to avoid the eyes. Leave it on your dog’s fur for a few minutes. Brush thoroughly to remove the baking soda.

4. Regularly Clean His Bedding

Properly grooming your dog or giving him a bath is useless if he is sleeping in dirty bedding. One way of keeping your dog smell fresh is to wash your dog blankets, kennel and the soft toys around him. If your dog is using bedding that cannot be washed through the washing machine, you can use a fabric odor eliminator or a dry shampoo made for furniture.

5. Give Your Dog Healthy Food

The old saying “you are what you eat,” applies not just to humans but to dogs as well. If you provide your pet a good quality food, you will be providing his body the nutrients he needs to make him happy and healthy.

Search for foods that provide the meat source and stay away from dog food that use by-products and cheap fillers like wheat, corn, and soy. Feed your pooch a balanced diet to lessen the chances of having flatulence and give him an overall skin, better coat, and quality of life.

Final Words

Your dog does not have to smell bad, follow the above tips on how to make your dog smell better and fresh. If your dog still smells bad even if you have followed the above methods, visit your veterinarian right away. It could be associated with other problems.

About the Author:

Sarah Keene is the founder of Themeowthing where she writes about the various cat breeds, kitty pet care & health advice, training tips, reviews of cat products, and any other issues that you might love to know about cats.




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