Canine Periodontal Disease: Bad Breath Guide

Dr. James Anthony insists that all pet parents should ask themselves this question “Should I be Concerned About Doggy Breath?
The answer is:
“Yes. Doggy breath is a sign of poor oral health, the #1 problem pets face. At 3 years old, 80% of dogs have oral health issues, a precursor to periodontal disease. If left untreated, oral health issues become serious and, in some cases, life-threatening. The bacteria and infection in your dog’s mouth spread through his bloodstream. Vets believe oral health issues are a silent killer.”

Doggy breath leads to many other canine dental diseases down the line and it’s important to be aware of the symptoms.

Doctor cleaning dog’s teeth with toothbrush indoors. Pet care

You can download your own free copy here.

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