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5 Things to Look for When Buying a Kennel for Your Dog

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Are you planning to buy a kennel for your dog for boarding? If you are, this piece is a “Must Read” for you. Kennels can be a friend of your puppies and dogs if you take proper care and train them well.

Kennels are shelters that people keep their dogs in while training them. An ideal kennel can help your pets to come closer and form an unbreakable bond with their owner.

It is very important that when buying kennels for dog, you must make sure you are getting the right one. You must know what type of kennel your canine friend will love and feel comfortable in. Of course, there are a few tips to buying one. Here are 5 things to look for when buying a kennel for your dog.

1. Size Matters – Even for Kennels

Size should be your top priority. Different breeds of dogs grow differently and to different sizes. Some breeds are small when they’re grown up. And some, though they were small earlier, grow into huge ones. If you already have a pup or a dog, first consider their size.

If you have a pup, you should choose a kennel that will give them enough space to toss and turn. Puppies are more restless than adult dogs so they need a lot of space. You can buy a bigger one when they have grown up. Always make sure there is enough room inside the kennel for the pup/dog, their toys and assorted things. The idea is to prevent over-crowding inside the kennel.

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2. Sturdiness is the Key – Especially, Early in Dog’s Life

After you have decided the size, look for sturdiness. Kennels today are made with a lot of different materials starting from simple wire, to plastic, metal and both combined. The prices also vary with the materials. The wire kennels are the most commonly used, but the plastic ones are the most preferred.

The wire kennels are light and easy to clean. And they allow maximum air flow, in fact it is all air flow. These kennels don’t provide any cover, so your dog is actually exposed to their surroundings. The plastic ones are also light and hygienic. They allow sufficient air flow, but keep your dog covered and protected.

The wire ones are more durable than the plastic ones, they being made of metal. The main reason some plastic ones fail is that some dogs like to chew their way out. If your dog is like that, I recommend the wire kennels.

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3. What about the Hygiene?

So now you have decided the size and material. Now let’s see how hygienic the kennels are. Cleanliness is very important for your dog since it keeps them safe from disease and harm. When you are using kennels, you should focus there.

Kennels don’t actually keep themselves clean so you should see which ones are easy for you to clean. Most kennels for dogs can be hosed off, however some are tricky.

For instance, in case of the wire ones, hair and dirt get stuck into the cross-joints, which require thorough cleaning. On the other hand, with plastic ones, you will not face any such difficulty as they can be hosed off and nothing will remain stuck.

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4. Is it good for Traveling?

Kennels do more than just serve as your dog’s resting place. It is wise to carry your pups and dogs in their kennels when you are in a car. Accidents happen, and when they do, your dog is more prone to harm than you are; if they are in a kennel, their chances of getting hurt gets hugely reduced.

Plus, when you are traveling by air, it is essential for you to use kennels. Since your dog is placed away from you, you can’t ensure constant safety. If the kennel is strong and sturdy, you will not have to worry about their safety.

Along with the safe flight for both of you, there are some hotels which ask you to keep your dogs in kennels when you go leave the room.

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5. Can You Store it Conveniently?

Lastly, when you have decided all of that, look for storage convenience. If you have a large dog, you will need a large kennel. Setting it up for use is one thing. What about storing them when you don’t need them?

The plastic kennels are, in this case, the most convenient ones. They can be folded in different ways and to different sizes so you can store them almost anywhere. Plus it also makes it easy to carry them along when traveling. The wire ones can also be folded, but not as easily as plastic.

women hugging a dog and kiss. them playful and happiness.

I hope that you will be able to find the right kennel for your dog or pup with this guide. However in the end, what actually matters is if your dog likes the kennel or not so I also hope the kennel you choose will make your dog happy as you.


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