16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse

One thing for certain is that our pets deserve a treat from time to time and whilst we most commonly think of those on the receiving end being cats, dogs or perhaps rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs; horses are no exception to this!


Rewarding your horse with a treat is a great way to reinforce good behaviour as well as to help you out whilst training. Perhaps surprisingly, however, human foods don’t always make great horsey treats, despite what you might have heard and whilst most won’t cause any problems, others are best avoided.
Whether you own a horse yourself or are guilty of feeding those at the local stables as you pass on a walk with the kids every once in awhile, here’s a quick guide to 16 things which you should never feed our equine friends:



About The Author: James writes on behalf of Rideaway.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading equestrian stores, offering a wealth of useful advice to those looking to get involved with horse riding for the first time as well as parents looking to get their children interested in riding at their local stables.


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