10 Ways Service Dogs Improve Your Health

People often describe the dog as man’s best friend. But they aren’t just a good friend or a good company only. They are also good in many aspects.  Some dogs have special abilities and well trained to do the important task for those people who have disabilities, such dogs are called as Service Dogs. USA service dog registrations have helped many families to register their animals to gain any access at public and private places.

Service dogs are different from our regular pet dogs. Service Dog is a type of assistance dog that is highly capable of assisting people who have disabilities, mental illness, Post Traumatic Disorder, and visually impaired and the likes.

Mental health and emotional health is imperative for us especially to those who had suffered much from any illness related to mental and emotional. Instead of being alone and getting too much risk why not have a service dog to be your partner as you continue to walk on your journey.

Here are the 10 ways Service Dogs improve your health.

1. Socialization – It is when you and your service dog walks in the road people will notice you, greets you and it will make your day brighter. Giving you good vibes whenever you go out.

2. Stable heart condition – Having service dogs keeps you moving every day. When you are playing with your dog, you may feel that your body relaxes naturally. You laugh by some of your dog’s gestures. It simply loosens you a bit.

3. Stress reliever – Simply cuddling and playing with your dog makes you feel that there is someone who will never leave you alone. Someone who is willing to listen for all of the things you want to say without judging you. A dog is a good listener.

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4. Confidence builder – for those who suffers disabilities like being blind, they will feel that they are safe when moving around because they know their service dog is always on their side ready to save them.

5. Improve mental health – Some people who have suffered from PSTD needs Service dogs to keep them calm whenever they felt any tensions.  Whenever they have nightmares, the service dog is always there to keep them awake and avoid a cardiovascular attack.

6. Keeps you physically fit – Having service dogs keeps you moving and getting up early for a morning walk, a jogging in the park perhaps, and any physical activities.


7. A good nurse – Service dogs were highly trained to serve his/her master in times of taking pills, and any medication. They will keep on reminding the patient to take the medication at its proper time.

8. Travel buddy – Service dogs may accompany his/master wherever they may go to ensure safety.

9. Keeps you away from depression – The feeling of being alone is the saddest thing a person may feel. But having Service dogs by your side took away all those ill feeling. They keep on doing stuff to get your attention and seek your presence at all times.

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10. A good companion at home – Service Dogs can be handy at home. They can be a real aid to simply getting some stuff like fetching something to make the master’s work easier. If the master is in wheelchair or bedridden, they can get some stuff.

About The Author: Alex Henry is a content writer at the official service dog registration of America website which helps you to register your dogs for free.


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