entertaining cats in winter

7 Tips for Exercising Your Cat This Winter

Winter-time can be difficult on cats – especially if they are used to being outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you keep your cat active and entertained throughout the season.

entertaining cats in winter

1. Schedule Playtime

Play with your kitty. Arrange catnip toys which will help him or her to move a bit. It will be a good workout and provides stimulation!

2. Games For Your Kitty

You should set aside at least 10 minutes in the evening to have some fun with your cat. You can use a cardboard box to play with your kitty, you can even create a newspaper tunnel to play and hide in. Devoting time to your cat each night is key!

winter cat

3. Indoor Hunting

Another way to keep your feline entertained in the house, is to play a hunting game! A fun way to do this is by spreading some low-calorie treats around the house and let your feline sniff them out. (And this allows you to relax in front of the TV!)


4. Try Out The Leash!

Like dogs, some cats have been trained to walk on a leash. Take time to introduce your cat to the harness by allowing her to wear it around the house. Then attach the leash and practice around the house more. Before you know it – you and your cat will be out for walks!

playing with your cat

5. Think About Your Cat’s Diet

You should discuss diet chart with your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian will advise you on whether or not your cat is overweight. It can be easy for cat’s to become a little pudgy throughout the winter. An adjusted diet is a simple solution.  

6. Walk With Your Cat

Not a fan of the leash. If your cat is allowed outdoors, you can see if she will chase you around the yard. Then both of you get exercise!

7. Romp In The Snow With Your Cat

Cats love to play in the snow. Be sure it isn’t too cold outside. But if your feline follows you out into the bliss – take some pictures and have a ball!


Cats burn extra energy to stay warm in the winter seasons. Pay attention to their diet and water intake. Your kitty should drink plenty of water. Add more kibble to their dish. Their skin can get dried due to cold air so they should be hydrated properly. You should walk or run with your kitty so that both of you can enjoy the fresh air.

If it is snowing outside, then limit their playtime in the snow. Cats with thin coats should not be allowed to play outside when the temperature is below freezing point. When they return inside, then wipe their wet and dirty fur and paws. On paws, the cold can be tough and it can cause redness between toes so take care of it properly. Your lovely cat can also suffer from cracked paw pads due to snow so it should be handled carefully.


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  1. Gertie
    Gertie says:

    It is heartwarming to hear your ecsoten-isive thoughts on Christmas Trees. And, a good point about the pesticides used at the tree farms being toxic to pets. Wonderful lead photo of the glory of a lit tree out in the dark forest. Thanks for sharing~

    • admin
      admin says:

      Thank you! Sometimes it is easy to look past how dangerous our beautifully lit Christmas trees can be to our pets. Especially if they don’t come from a pesticide free source. Please check back for new articles!

      Jennifer at HealthyPets


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