7 Easiest Dog Breeds to Care For

Looking for a new furry companion for your home is a very exciting time! With most dogs easily living 10+ years, bringing home a dog is a start to a long and wonderful period of special companionship. However, getting a new dog isn’t necessarily that easy.

With our current lives already taking up a good portion of our time, many people want a dog that will easily fit into their daily life. While there are some more hands-on dogs, there are a plethora of canines that are more mild-mannered and independent.

What Does “Easy To Care For” Mean?

Because of the fact that dogs are such complex creatures, there are quite a few ways that we can define “easy to care for” dogs. Ease of training, friendliness, energy levels, and medical care are some of the main characteristics that contribute to a dog’s ranking. These characteristics hold various weight for different people, so consider each dog individually based on your particular circumstances.

All Dogs Are Different

Even though 2 dogs may be the same breed, that doesn’t mean that they’re exactly the same. View our analysis as more of a guideline than an all-encompassing rating of the breed. A dog’s training, age, and overall temperament can make it a lot easier or more difficult to care for than normal.

Basset Hound

Behind those big floppy ears and adorable, sympathetic eyes, basset hounds have a personality that’s just as sweet! These dogs make for fantastic family companions due to their very laid-back and easygoing nature. Not only are they very mild-mannered, but they’re also incredibly friendly and get along well with adults and children alike.

These dogs are considered easy to care for, for several reasons. Their temperament is friendly but not overly excitable, not demanding too much attention. This doesn’t mean they can be left alone for very long, though, so always be prepared to have them lounging nearby. Their short hair also makes them easy to groom, and their lower energy means that they are perfectly happy with a daily walk and a few short play sessions.

One thing to note about Basset Hounds is their stubborn nature. This trait can make these dogs a bit hard to train at times but doesn’t really become an issue. Their short hair does shed a good amount, too, so prepare to bring out the vacuum!


Beagles are one of the most stereotypical “caring companion dogs”. This breed is extremely loyal to their owners, playful, and enthusiastic about anything that they do. If you live a slightly more active lifestyle, then a beagle will make an excellent addition to your family!

Friendliness to all kinds of people is a key beagle trait, meaning aggression is never really a concern. Their short hair is also very easy to take care of, requiring little to no maintenance. In fact, their overall health is easy to care for, as this breed has a nice lack of genetic diseases.

Beagles do have a good amount of energy, but it’s nothing that someone already living a semi-active lifestyle can’t handle. Beagle owners commonly state that it’s best to have 2 beagles to keep each other company and prevent loneliness or separation anxiety.

Like basset hounds, beagles can also be a bit stubborn when it comes to training, meaning that you have to be diligent early on to curb bad behavior. Once they have adequate training, though, problems tend to be few and far in between.


Greyhounds are commonly affiliated with being wildly-fast runners, but that’s more of a day job than a defining characteristic. In reality, these dogs are very lovable and calm. They enjoy spending the better part of the day lounging on the couch with you and enjoying the sun on their face.

In terms of demeanor, there are few dogs better than a greyhound. This breed is extremely friendly towards anyone that they come across, and they’re very easy to train due to their intelligence. Their short hair is also easy to take care of, requiring only occasional brushing.

A common myth about greyhounds is that they need a LOT of exercise due to their history of running. In reality, they’re sprinters, meaning that they only require intense exercise for very short periods of time. So, a daily walk and some light playing are usually more than enough to keep them satisfied.

Greyhounds are pretty timid, especially if you get a retired racing dog. Therefore, it’s recommended that you socialize them as early as possible to help reduce their anxiety. Aside from this, it’s hard to find complaints about this breed.

Cocker Spaniel

These gentle, loving dogs make for phenomenal pets, which is a reason why so many families opt for one! Cocker Spaniels are extremely intelligent and devoted dogs that can adapt to their owner’s lifestyle and add to it rather than hindering it.

Due to their exceptional intelligence, cocker spaniels are very easy to train and socialize. This is excellent, as they can also be quite destructive and anxious if they’re not properly trained early on in their life. Although they can be a bit rambunxious, cocker spaniels are still very friendly to people of all ages.

Daily walks and playtime are absolutely required for these energetic pups, but nothing beyond what a normal pet owner can handle. If you’re away at work at all, prepare to give them extra loving when you get home.

One notable feature about Cocker Spaniels is their beautiful coat. With such beauty comes great responsibility — meaning that you’ll need to provide consistent brushing and regular groomings.


These minuscule pups make for surprisingly great companions! Chihuahuas are always down to do whatever it is that you want to do. Whether it’s going to the store in your bag, going on a walk around the park, or going for a drive, your chihuahua would always be 110% down to go with you.

With proper training early on, these dogs are incredibly friendly and easy to train. Chihuahuas have a moderate energy level, meaning that they’re satisfied with a nice walk and some playtime every day. However, it also means that they can get destructive when left alone for a while. Therefore, it’s recommended that you either get two chihuahuas or make sure that they’re not left alone for too long.

On top of their nice demeanor, chihuahuas are easy to groom with their short coat and don’t require much maintenance at all. Do note that they’re very small dogs, so they’re a bit frail. Extreme temperatures or terrain can be dangerous for chihuahuas, so make sure that you’re accommodating them properly.

Labrador Retriever

If you ask anyone to name a dog breed that’s loyal, gentle, and unconditionally loving, there’s a good chance it’s a labrador retriever. This breed of dog has a positive energy that can’t be overlooked and will never fail to make you smile.

Because they’re such a great companion animal, Labradors are eager to please you, making them very easy to train and socialize with humans and other dogs. Because of this, you’ll almost never struggle with getting your lab to behave properly. They’re also easy to care for grooming-wise, as they have short hair that just needs to be brushed regularly.

One thing to note about labrador retrievers is that they have a lot of energy — more than most breeds! Therefore, you’ll need to take your lab on regular walks, play with them, and keep them mentally stimulated. For active households, Labrador retrievers will fit right in without a problem.


Havanese are some of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet in your life. A lot of heart is rolled into this small package of a dog that won’t ever want to leave your lap. Actually, they won’t want to leave you, period! However you spend your days, a Havanese would be more than happy to tag alongside you.

This breed is excessively friendly and gets along with almost anyone. They’re also easy-going, willing to spend most of their day just relaxing or being active with you. Attending agility or obedience classes is also something that Havanese are eager to do, which is quite a plus.

Havanese don’t like being left alone for too long, becoming sad and even howling for you. They also need to be trained and socialized early on to fight their timidness and bad habits like barking.

Despite their longer fur, Havanese are fairly simple to keep groomed, and certain haircuts can keep them looking like a little puppy their entire life. They can even be groomed at home using clippers, saving a lot of money over the years.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of variety between the 7 breeds of dogs highlighted above. While they’re all fairly easy to care for (as are many other dog breeds that aren’t highlighted in this list), each breed has special characteristics that make them better suited for some people over others.

Therefore, it’s important that you consider your lifestyle and think about how a particular breed would fit into it. While dogs are very adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle, it’s generally a better idea to look into a dog that already closely aligns with your life.

A dog is supposed to be a companion, not a liability. If you see taking care of your dog as more of a hindrance than a pleasure, that’s not a good situation for either of you! Putting the effort into finding the right dog for yourself will ensure that the next years of your life will be filled with unconditional love and companionship.

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