The 10 Best No Pull Dog Harnesses of 2018

The tug of war between a dog and his owner is quite a natural scene when they go out for walks, is it not?
Well, if you are a dog owner, you will know the pain that this can easily cause to your arms. Sometimes it can be a hassle trying to keep up with our very furry and sporty friends, and keeping up with their activity levels can be quite a difficult thing.
One way to control this would be by using a no pull dog harness till your dog is trained to not pull.

How Does a No-Pull Dog Harness work?

Well, it applies a pressure on your dog from the opposite sides, and this, in turn, helps to bring your dog’s attention back to you.

Types of Harnesses

There are three main types of harnesses that are available in the market based on your needs:

1. Back Attachment Harness:

In this type of harness, the leash is attached at the dog’s back, behind the shoulder (blades to be specific).
This Harness is best to use if you want to shift the pressure away from the neck for example, in a case where your dog is injured.
Otherwise, this may not be a very good option, especially because dogs find it more comfortable when pulled from the back.

2. Front Attachment Harness:

The leash is attached in the middle of your dog’s chest in the front, and it stops your dog’s pulling because he will feel a tug on the front every time he pulls.
You can use front attached dog harness to train your dog to stop pulling but, do not use this while you guys are out on a run because the force may be too much.

3. Head Collars/ Head Harness:

This is the type of collar which can be used under most circumstances and is highly recommended. Unfortunately, due to the way it is placed on your dog, it will take quite a while to get used to it.
This harness should fit around your dog’s head. And when pulling they will be turned towards you due to the position of the head collar.

Top Ten Best Dog Harnesses:

Now that you know what the types of harnesses are, let us have a look at the best no-pull dog harness that is available at your disposal.

1. Ruffwear- Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

On the top of our list for the best no pull harness is this one from Ruffwear because it features two leash attachment points. One on the chest and the other on the back and you can choose which version to use, depending on your situation.
It features aluminum rings that are reinforced with webbing, making a safe connection. Along with, it has a padded chest and belly panels that make it quite comfortable.
Overall, it is very durable because of the material and as a bonus; it has a reflective trim and ID pocket- a very good choice any day.

2. Dog Leash Harness- ARIKON

This Dog Leash Harness is made from Sturdy denim Fabric on top with nylon inside. Hence making it both durable and comfortable for your dog to wear.
It has metal buckles that can be attached to the metal ring at the back and it comes with a leash.
It comes in three different sizes and even that can be easily adjusted for your dog- not to forget that it even looks pretty stylish with easy to clean features.
We recommend you choose other options if your dog is overactive and pulls excessively.
But, this is a fairly affordable choice that you can consider while buying a harness- especially for senior dogs or if your activity is going to be a little slow.

3. Puppia Dog Harness

This harness is made out of polyester and soft air-mesh material which makes it strong yet gentle. And it comes in various sizes aiming to be the right fit for any dog.
The adjustable chest belt can be adjusted around the chest and neck, and it features a quick release pocket along with comfortable and padded neck openings.
It is very easy to wash and use, and has some seriously good customer reviews.

4. Embark Active Dog Harness

This harness by Embark Pets features a front and back leash attachment; you can use the front leash attachment to train your dog. It’s made of durable material and it can easily take the stress of daily use. The Active Dog Harness comes in various sizes and has quadrupled reinforced attachment points, hence you know that your dog is absolutely secure.

5. EzyDog Chest Plate

This chest plate by EzyDog features an ergonomic EVA foam, which facilitates exceptional fitting and unmatched comfort to your dog.
Moreover, the reflective stitching helps with night-time visibility, safety and also durability.
The durability is further enforced with the welded stainless steel D-ring attachment. It comes in a unique cross fit design and can easily be latched on and off your dog, with vertical load displacement; thereby, allowing you to have a high amount of control over your dog.
This can be done with the help of the Quick-Clip buckles.

6. Halti Head Collar by Company of Animals

This head collar is designed to stop your dog from pulling while you are taking walks, by gently steering the head. The head collar is made from lightweight but strong nylon webbing — very comfortable for your dog to wear.
It features a Neoprene padded nose bad, which provides maximum comfort for dogs and a safety loop that attaches to the ring of your dog’s collar, allowing control even if the head collar comes off.
It comes in various sizes and is easy to use, with a comprehensive guide for you to follow.

7. Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog walking harness has five adjustment points and the Weinerlock plastic release buckles make it easy to put and remove.
In addition, it will fit in perfectly on any dog because of the adjustment features and has a broad padded chest plate for maximum comfort.
It features a halt ring on the chest plate that stops your dog’s movement if your dog tries to pull on the leash.
It comes with a 10-inch lead that can also be used as a seat belt  and machine washable.
Definitely a good choice for walking or dog training!

8. Walk Your Dog with Love, No-Pull-Front-Attachment Harness

You will simply love the Front attachment Harness by Walk Your Dog With Love for all its features. The front attachment allows you to steer your dog and it eventually stops it from pulling.
Since chest strap has to be placed right above your dog’s shoulder that allows better control and at the same is more ergonomic for your dog.
In addition, the design has been made simple such that it is both comfortable to wear and, is easy to adjust.
Moreover, the fit is so perfect that it does not loosen up even after your dog has walked for a bit, so it is quite safe to say, because of the chest strap, your dog will not be able to escape.
Another feature that we love is the fact that it uses a 3M Scotch lite reflective material which ensures nighttime safety for your dog due to its visibility.
Finally, it is lightweight and durable, easy to wash and maintain.

9. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

It features a very simple attachment on the front of the chest which allows the owner to gently bring back the dog’s attention through reflex.
With four adjustment points and a perfectly adjustable fit, it is designed to perfectly fit your dog’s unique size and shape.
The strap is made of durable nylon material, and if it rips, you can always call Pet Safe and get it replaced.
It is easy to fit and very comfortable to wear, making it an excellent option for your dog.

10. ThunderLeash No Pull Solution Dog Leash

This “No-Pull Solution” dog leash from ThunderLeash can be used as a harness as well and is effective for most dogs.
The best thing– it does not have any complicated straps and can be easily clipped to a dog’s collar and wrapped around a torso.
Furthermore, it comes with an easy to grasp comfortable padded handle, making it all the more easy to use.
So, if your dog pulls, he will feel just a little pressure on the torso and stop his tugging.

Final words

There you go, we have reviewed the top ten no pull dog harnesses that are available at your disposal.
As we have stated earlier, there are three types of harnesses, which one you choose depends entirely on the activity levels of your dog and your personal preferences.
Do not make a purchase on a whim and be sure to look around a bit before buying a no-pull harness for your dog, in order to get the most suitable one for your dog. After all, for their unwavering love, our pets deserve the very best of our care.

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