Check Out This Rescue of a Giant Dog Who Didn’t Know How to Ask for Help

It takes a lot of time, effort and love to help a dog regain it’s trust in humans… When Arnie was spotted by a gas station on the highway, about 65 kilometers from Athens, Greece, one lady was determined to help. Watch as she attempts to get this gentle giant cleaned up and off the streets

You’ll Love This Compilation of Funny Cats Protecting Babies!

Who says dogs can be the only protectors? Try not to melt as you watch as these cats adorably take care of their human baby friends!

Ever have your dog jump on you at 6am? Watch this!

All dog owners have experienced the “IT’S MORNING, LETS PLAY!” pounce. 

Puppies + milk = ADORABLE!

Now these are some hungry puppies!

Now this is one smart beagle!

When your mom says you can’t eat the pizza in the fridge but you do it anyway…

Corgi vs. Tennis ball…who will win?

This corgi puppy meets a tennis ball for the first time.

Who else wants their own personal kitty alarm clock?

Butters the cat won’t let his owner stay in bed all day. It’s time to play!

This puppy wakes up to the sound of food and freaks out!

Waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of bacon like…

These dogs save their dad from the big scary lake!

When their dad “falls” into the lake these dogs do everything they can to save him!

Anything a dog can do a cat can do too!

This cat doesn’t want the big ol’ dogs to out perform her! She can do tricks too.